One of the good ones

runners high

I did something veeeery controversial today. Oh, yes I did. I took my long run from Saturday and did it today – *watch the rebel run!*. I work part-time so I am very lucky to have the time on certain days during the week. Today I was “supposed to” (I do what the programme tells me to) be running a leisurely 50 mins but instead I took the 100 mins from Saturday and spanked it. It felt so good that I kept on going and when I finally found myself back home, I had run for 2hrs and covered 20 km. My route took me 5 km to Regents Park and then I ran around the Outer Circle there. I meant to do 2 laps and a long way home but eye contact from a policeman outside the American Ambassador’s house somehow inspired me to do a third. I just couldn’t run out of the park with him watching, I had to show him what a hardcore (=idiot) I was. Does that ever happen to you – the smallest interactions inspire you to do more and keep on going? A smile from someone or just simply being acknowledged? So anyway, long story short I ran 20km, had a chocolate milk and did 4 minutes of planks. And felt like a warrior.

There is something that the long runs do to me that I haven’t been able to achieve otherwise. An unbeatable high. Having lived in Holland for 6 years before moving to London I can promise you that I have something to compare against… Running isn’t about the physical effort as much as it is about beating the demons sitting on your shoulder telling you to stop running before you keel over. The little voice claiming it can’t possibly be worth it and wouldn’t you rather just turn back and go back home to sit on the sofa eating Hula Hoops. Well let me tell you something Little Voice – today I felt like a runner.

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