No rest for the wicked

no rest

Yesterday’s blog was about my rebellious act of swapping the long run to Thursday from Saturday but I never mentioned the reason for this. My husband and I are going away for the weekend without the kids. Not too far from London but still far enough to relax the mind and body. We are going to a lovely Inn in Hurley, Berkshire. A truly wonderful place that I can recommend for anyone wanting to find a quality, secret hideaway for the weekend – let me know if you would like the details. I was looking forward to running along the Thames but I have been warned the path might be flooded so hence I just wanted to have to do a non-stressful, easy run there rather than trying to bust my guts doing long distance whilst wading waist deep in flood water.. Luckily my husband loves to run as well so the first thing we both packed was our running gear. We have also been completely off booze for the past month or so (after over-indulging over Christmas) and are “allowed” to drink from tonight onwards again. Truth be told I don’t want to – I haven’t missed it at all. Must be mad.

Today was supposed to be a rest day with a few physio exercises thrown in but then my running coach emailed to say he is my neighbourhood and could do a session with me. I am not going to say no to that so will escape the office a bit early today (joys of freelancing) to meet up with him. I haven’t told him yet about the operation and am irrationally worried he will feel annoyed that I am wasting his time.

Speaking of the operation (men, you might not be too interested in this bit), I feel I have taken my first step in preparation today. I took my last (ever?) birth control pill today as they raise the risk of blood clots during the operation. Of course I won’t be needing them for the original purpose after the operation anyway as no womb = no babas but they have been good for my skin, which I am terrified will become horrible now – I never said I wasn’t vain… I will start taking Agnus Castus which I am hoping will regulate the hormones a bit and will just see how it goes – wish me luck!

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