Weekend away

Aah, where to start. It is Monday and I am feeling decidedly grumpy. Opening the curtains this morning to more snow didn’t help my mood. Luckily it seems that it isn’t sticking. I am immediately thinking of how annoying it will be running on the slippy London pavements.

What a weekend it has been though! My mood might be the result of coming down from an amazing few days away with the husband. I’ll get back to that in a minute but first – remember how I had agreed to meet up with my running coach on Friday? Well, I left work early, rushed home, changed into my running gear and did my rehab exercises. I then ran to the track where we had agreed to meet up (which is less than a kilometer from where we live – how lucky is that!).


Got there a few minutes early and started stretching. Friday was sunny and beautiful but cold. 20 minutes after agreed time and I am still stretching and trying to keep warm. No sign of the man. I texted him to ask if I had maybe misunderstood the time or meeting place. No reply. When he was half an hour late I tried calling him. No reply. After waiting for over 45 mins I texted to say I was leaving and so I did. Hacked off and freezing my ass off. I still haven’t heard back from him so I have no idea what the hell happened. This man is self-employed but still doesn’t seem to give a damn about his clients. Not that he needs to worry about me anyway as he can take me off the list.

After a loooooong hot shower to warm up, my husband and I picked up the baba from nursery, dropped him off with the aunt and uncle and off we went. 45 mins on the train and we arrived in Maidenhead and took a taxi to Nirvana. Well, it might as well have been. What do you think of our room:



Pure bliss! We dumped our bags and headed down to the bar for our first alcoholic drinks since the first weekend in January.


A lovely dinner, a bottle of wine and we clambered back upstairs to watch some telly whilst chilling in the bath. Can you tell what a horrible time we had! All the booze was a mistake though as not having drunk any for weeks it really went straight to our heads and we were both asleep by 10. I then of course woke up in the middle of the night worrying about the run next day and how I would suffer.

Having woken up with a bit of a woolly head, we both decided to have a light breakfast and go for the run a bit later. Around eleven we were finally making our way from Hurley to Henley on one of the hilliest roads I have ever run on. It was sleeting as well to make it extra special… The road we took was the local A4130 which had a narrow pavement most of the way – a good thing too as the traffic was quite heavy. In London we don’t really get to run on many hilly routes but this was amazing. Undulating ups and downs with the “highlight” being the steepest, longest hill I have ever run. I tried to find a picture online but unfortunately there are none that give you any sense of this monster. However the warning signs of a steep hill, 10% gave us an indicator of what we were up against. We ran the hill down first going to Henley and then up on our way back. I felt like Rocky after defeating it. I am normally rubbish at running hills but I was able to do this as well as the other hills on the route and I DIDN’T DIE! The overall run was 14km at a pretty decent pace so we both felt great afterwards.

More food, less drinks, Rugby Six Nations on the telly, more food and that was us for the night on the Saturday.

Sunday after breakfast we made our way back to London in order to be settled back at home with the kids by the time the Ireland-England game rolled on.

DISCLAIMER: I love rugby.  I am a fierce Irish supporter though I am a mere plastic paddy. When I talk about “us” re rugby it usually means the Ireland team. Go green!

As it turned out, it was a pretty crappy game and I knew from the first points the English scored that it would turn out to be a game won on penalties. The less said about that, the better.

And so, here we are.

Hope your weekend was good and you feel prepared for whatever is in store for you in the coming days. I will go and get some coffee down me now and hopefully perk up.

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