Moody runner

Damn. Is there anything more annoying that writing a post, only for it to be overwritten by a draft you were working on? So everything I wrote this morning is gone. Just gone. I’ll just try to write it again with gritted teeth and hope that repetition equals improvement and teaches me to be more careful with my drafts.

Disclaimer: There will be Too Much Information. With me, there will always be TMI – I am a chronic over-sharer. Just wait until I describe the hysterectomy to you in detail after it takes place, now that will be fun!

As I was saying (before I was so rudely wiped out), I have been struggling this week (obviously!). It is probably due to the fact that I have my (last ever?) period. The bloating, the moodiness, the constant hunger and cravings for chocolate, the cramps, back pain… Not to mention the Mooncup pressing against my bladder, making me feel like I need to pee every 2 minutes – makes running very challenging. PMS turns me into a monster, a bonafide, growling, snapping, shrieking monster. I wonder if the hysterectomy will “cure” me… My ovaries will be left in so I am assuming the hormones will still be able to wreak havoc. Though, according to my mother, who had a hysterectomy a loooong long time ago, her moods stabilised a few months after the operation. I can’t even imagine what I would be (will be?) like with stable moods… Does that take away my excuse to be a bitch once a month?.. Not sure if men are ever affected by their hormones to the same extend as (some) women are. I  think I am over-sensitive to any changes and can easily seem like Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde, depending on when you catch me (worst being when I am tired, hungry and have PMS – like now).


The running programme this week is also rather challenging…

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Block run (I do a lap in our communal back garden which is about 0.34km – I run this fast 12 times, each lap followed by 90 seconds rest)

Wednesday: 30 min recovery run (I did this at 0545 this morning)

Thursday: Intervals (15 x 1min fast, 2 mins jogging) I am thinking of doing 30 seconds fast, 1 min jogging – is that a bad idea?

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Long, steady run (10 min warm-up jog, 90 min 70-80%, 5 min cool down)

Sunday: Easy 40 min jog

I really don’t get along very well with intensive runs or intervals. I don’t think I was built for going fast but I can see the impact it has on the longer runs so I do it – hating every moment of it. It’s always the same thing with things that are good for you; they either taste bad or are painful. The one good thing about really having to push myself, is that it zaps the mood right out of me. I am too tired to rage after an interval session.

I think I need to activate the hunter-gatherer in me and go in search of chocolate and/or coffee -whatever I find first. Or maybe I should just embrace the PMS – one last time.

2 thoughts on “Moody runner

  1. Wow! I was a bit like that on Sunday, annoyed and craving food al day. Everything was going wrong in my head… Didn’t really think it could be because it was the 1st day of my period, but maybe it was. I never heard of hysterectomy before. My blog focuses on food but apart from that, it sounds pretty similar to what you mentioned. This is what happened on Sunday:


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