The verdict on my first run with Asics GT-2000

I did it – I tested my new Asics GT-2000 runners. I should say first of all that I don’t really know anything about running shoes outside of how they feel on me. It is quite a new experience for me to even care what I run in. But here is my 2 pence on the experience of changing from the Nike Structure 15’s.

I am not one for being cautious (on sensible for that matter) so the first run in my new shoes was a 20km one. I topped this up with a 8km run on Sunday – it was supposed to be a short recovery run but I just ended up going on and on.

My starting point was that my left thigh was hurting pretty badly. I must have done something to it during my intervals on Thursday. Thank goodness for John’s post on Cold gels! I got myself some Deep Freeze and Biofreeze which seems to have helped.Β (John – I hope it’s ok to link you like this).

Also, something funny is going on with my left foot. I have pain on the top, outside of my mid foot. I assumed this was a sign to get new runners but I am beginning to wonder if it is something more sinister. I can run on it, though it does hurt some. Like the idiot I am, I will just keep going. I have the 6 weeks off coming up anyway.

Back to the shoes; my initial reaction to the Asics was that they didn’t feel as cushioned as the Nike. I could feel the pavement more and I felt I took the impact more. Once I get used to this, it might not be such a bad thing. The pain on my left foot was still there throughout the run but I don’t think it got worse. The right shoe feels slightly looser at the heel than the left – I think the back of the Asics must be a bit lower than the Nike was. It didn’t cause blisters or anything but especially running uphill was annoying. Maybe getting a smaller size might help but I find the current size otherwise perfect so I am reluctant to do this.

There were no new blisters anywhere after the run in fact, which is always a good sign. I don’t feel like the shoes have completely neutralised my gait or fixed the slight over-pronation but they don’t seem to be making things worse either.

Long story short, I am a bit torn and unsure what to do. I am not blown away by the shoes but they aren’t all wrong either. I could take them back to the store and get something different but from the ones we tried these seemed the best. Alternatively I could get another pair of the Nike 15s to alternate with the Asics.

What do you folks think? How do you know the shoes are just not right for you? Should you give them time to mould to your feet? Maybe I should get orthotic insoles?

I suppose if they had been all wrong for me, I would not have been able to do 20km without some serious pain somewhere… Maybe I just feel bad that I am cheating on the shoes that literally got me back on my feet after the bunion operation – I am loyal like that.


11 thoughts on “The verdict on my first run with Asics GT-2000

  1. If I don’t love the shoes so much that I want to run home from the shoe store, then I don’t buy them. Your running shoes should be love at first step, otherwise you’re bound to end in divorce!


    1. You speaketh the truth for sure. However, I have always had a thing for bad boys who were never quite right for me. I think I can change them, make them fit me. (Ha, I could go on with this analogy forever). I have decided to give the Asics a chance – but I reserve the right to buy a pair Nikes as well. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m blaming part of my knee pain right now on setting off on a 13+ miler with my new Asics right out of the box. Not the shoes’ fault, but probably should have broken them in a little more before doing that kind of distance.
    I wouldn’t go to a smaller shoe…black toenails abound in that option. (Definitely NOT lol)
    I like Asics. Had great success in them in my previous life. Hope to have great success in them in THIS life…as soon as my knee gets better.


    1. I have now done 3 runs in the Asics and I think I am going to keep them though I am still not 100% convinced. I think I was expecting miracles but when I take an objective view I can see that they are fairly comfortable and the the issues I am having were there before. Sounds like you are also of the “oh, caution to the wind” school with the new running shoes. I hope your knee gets better soon – taking time off to get over injuries is obviously good for the body but not for the head. πŸ™‚


  3. did you run in the store before you bought them? the shoe you were running and the asics both do about the same things for runners — they both are moderate stability shoes for people who tend to over pronate. i can see why if you were seen running the store on a treadmill or something, they decide this was a logical choice to put you in. however, i think probably if you held both shoes in your hand, and looked at the heel and mid-foot, you’d see some big differences. they are built in some different ways there and the cushioning is different. i think the nike is probably a little built up in the heel. it can change the way your foot falls, and it’s neither good or bad, but it’s different. it can take some time to retrain your foot. it’s good to go to a store that will watch you run on a treadmill in your shoes or that will look at your old shoes and look at the wear pattern along the bottom to see how you run, and then decide what might be the best shoes for you. it’s like detective work, i tell you. πŸ™‚


    1. Hiya! Yeah, I went to a specialist running store where they first checked the arches on my feet (flat feet/low/normal/high) and the pronation. Then I was filmed running on the treadmill with neutral shoes. Based on this it was obvious I needed structural shoes. I tried three different pairs (Asics, Brooks and Mizuno) and out of those the Asics were head and shoulders above the others. That particular shop didn’t carry any Nike so hence I didn’t try those on or couldn’t really compare. I did another run in the Asics over the weekend though and they felt much better. I think I have it sorted now (hallelujah) between those and the new Nike. You are absolutely right about it being detective work – never really paid any attention to what I was running in before. It’s only now that the distance and frequency of the runs that it has become important.


  4. New to running and just bought a pair of these. Foolishly, I decided to try them out when upping the distance – not a good move! I guess I should have known better, but we live and learn. Out of curiosity though, what was the verdict on your arches? I’m wondering if perhaps these are not the best shoes for me as I have high arches as well as a tendency to overpronate…


    1. Hi! I am the same as you – no patience for trying new things slowly either. I am still not 100% convinced by the Asics and prefer the Nike shoes. I do run in them but tend to have pain especially on the outside of my right foot. It disappears after about 7km but makes painful running until then. I do wonder about special insoles and whether they might fix it. It’s tricky finding the Holy Grail of running shoes, isn’t it?


      1. Clearly the trick is to buy several pairs when you find one that works… πŸ˜‰

        I have the gt2100 and they were the first running shoe that didn’t give me knew pain. But they are getting a little long in the tooth, hence I was on the hunt for something to replace them. Note the run in my new asics was on a treadmill, so I dread to think how bad the pain would have been on the road. I also have a pair of Adidas kanadia trail 5, which don’t give me knee pain – cheap and light – I highly recommend and am thinking of getting another pair because I know they work (and they’re only Β£38!). So I have to say I’m quite disappointed with new asics. I think I’ll persevere for a month or so and see if it improves… Perhaps I need to break them in more gently!

        Nice blog, by the way!


      2. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just buy trainers until you find the right ones? πŸ™‚ Sweatshop are great though as if you buy a pair from them you can exchange (or return, I think) the runners for another pair if they don’t work for you. I probably should have done this with the Asics to be honest. But they just look so… like “proper” running shoes. I know Nike isn’t really a popular shoe and not taken seriously but it seems to work for my very strange feet.
        I have never tried Adidas runners – the price certainly sounds brilliant!
        Do you have the option of returning the Asics still? Maybe try them for another run and see how you feel. Mine have definitely gotten better after several runs in them but they are still not quite right – yet anyway. Maybe I need to take them out more often.
        Thanks – I am glad if you are enjoying the blog!
        Good luck with the running and hopefully you will find your HG runners – I will definitely check those Adidas ones out (Β£38!!)


      3. I don’t think I do have the option of returning them – ordered online.

        One thing about the Adidas kanadia trail 5 – they are more for trail running, so the soles are very bobbly. Running on the road feels a little like riding a mountain bike on the road, as opposed to a road bike, but they really do well for me on the trails…

        Only problem with buying so many pairs of trainers, is where to store them… What can I say – I’m a typical girl who likes my shoes!


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