Running kryptonite

I think I have found my running kryptonite. I don’t have a problem getting up before dawn to run – in fact I was up and at it by 0530am today. I don’t mind rain, wind or snow – I quite enjoy “adverse” conditions. I run with colds, injuries, headaches and other minor illnesses – if I am still able to move I deem myself fit to run. But the one thing I seemingly cannot cope with, is lack of sleep.

The Patient

My 4 year old started running a fever on Monday night and ended up spending the night in our bed. It was a very restless night with the poor mite waking up every hour for a drink or just for cuddles. I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep. I had told my husband that I would go for a run in the morning before he went to work – Tuesday is normally my intervals day which I do after dropping the baba to nursery. However, come 7am I felt nauseous with the lack of sleep. My head swam and I could barely keep my eyes open. How did I ever survive night feeds with the kids? Or the partying in the younger days when I would come home for a shower from the club and then go straight to work? So I cancelled my run – the thought of intervals made me want to cry. Obviously I could have done an easy 40 mins just to get out but I just.could.not.

The Boy and I stayed home for the day – his fever was down but we both needed a recovery day after the rough night. And the later in the day it got and the more I regretted not going for my run. Whereas my body could use the extra recovery day (I have been running 5 days a week lately), my head was struggling. It was the first taster of what it will actually be like after my operation and I didn’t like it. Not one bit. I was restless and felt like I had failed myself somehow – “the schedule has a run on it for today, what the hell are you doing taking a day off?”. I don’t think I had fully appreciated the impact running has on me mentally. It makes me feel like I have achieved something – important for someone in a not-so-challenging job and no other hobbies. It makes me feel tough and invincible and yet, here I was, walking around in my bathrobe all day like a hobo.

THE Running Plan

So as tired as I still was this (Wednesday) morning, I got up very early to do a nice 7km run. Not a long one as I had to get to work but I put some effort into it. And it felt better than most of my runs lately. Ehem, probably thanks to that extra day off…

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