When I am running I feel entitled. I should be allocated (at least) my share of the pavement. I get annoyed by large groups of walkers who refuse to move aside so you can get past them. I get annoyed by the dog walkers who stand at one end of the pavement with the dog at the other; separated by the leash that you are made to jump over. Or when they have 3 large dogs that they simply cannot control; forcing you to the road taking your chances with cyclists who also feel entitled. Oh, and feel sorry (no I don’t) for the hapless tourists who ride their Boris Bikes on the pavements because I will shout, point and gesture until they move back onto the road. I rage at busses that stop in traffic on the zebra crossing, making it hard for me to cross over when I finally would be able to. And speaking of crossing the road – if there is a zebra crossing then stop your bloody car when I am crossing it. In one run alone, I was nearly run over 4 times by idiots who either don’t understand how these funny stripy things work or are just trying to score points by culling another runner. I am trying to run here, you idiots! Move out of my way, the Hysterical Runner is coming.



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