3 sleeps until the hysterectomy


It is my final week before the hysterectomy. Well, not even a week really as the operation is on Thursday (this Thursday – 3 more sleeps!). I am trying to do all the running I possibly can and last week in the 4 days that I was out I ran 52km in total. I feel bereft knowing I will be out of action for weeks and that by the time I can run again I am going to have to start at a lower level. Just when my legs got reliable again and my lungs felt like they could even handle a tough interval sessions. Talk about first world problems.

Tomorrow I will have the pre-op appointment with my doctor. I will write a post about it afterwards, just in case anyone would like to know what happens during one of those. I should say that I am lucky enough to have this operation privately through my husband’s health insurance. No NHS (National Health Service) for me. Also, I know the surgeon as he did my laparoscopy last year so feel very reassured about everything – I know he is good (and the fact he is funny, too, helps!).

I think I am more nervous about the practical things surrounding the surgery; could I come to work the following week (busy busy busy), how will my husband cope taking care of everything for a few weeks (he is also busy busy busy), will my youngest be upset seeing mommy laid up in bed again. Then I start making mental lists of what to prepare:

– order groceries online to be delivered before I go into the hospital so my husband doesn’t have to go shopping on top of everything else

– figure out what bottoms to bring to the hospital to come home in

– make sure I get up at 5am (just do it – thanks Nike) on the morning of the operation to go for my last run; I am not allowed to eat after 11am (operation will be after 5pm sometime) so everything needs to be moved forward

And so the list grows..

I think I am getting a bit nervous. And excited. And sad. Maybe I am just getting a bit hysterical. Might as well considering the age old treatment was the removal of the uterus!

6 thoughts on “3 sleeps until the hysterectomy

  1. go for a last run. i strongly endorse it. i went the night before my surgery and it was a good run. i went with my husband. i wore no watch and didn’t time it or see how far i went. i just went for the enjoyment of moving. it was lovely. and also…. bring about the roomiest pair of pants you own… and i mean that. if you wear a size 6, bring a size 10. something with elastic and cotton. i gained literally 3-4 sizes right after surgery, and it was ridiculous. the davinci surgery has you in a weird position and they put in so much fluid that you come away all puffed up and retaining serious fluid. my sweat pants fit like skinny jeans. it goes away, but it was shocking to wake up to.

    i think i felt all the same ways you are feeling now. happy to find some relief but nervous and a little sad about how i might change or what might be different. i have faith we are cut from a similar cloth and you are going to kick ass, coming out of this feeling well and strong. xxx


    1. I will go for a run tonight and then again tomorrow morning before the operation. I love running early in the morning so it will be perfect – and a great opportunity to get my head together. I still need to go out and get those pants! I expected a bloated tummy but what you are telling be sounds horrible! I will make sure to get big enough pair (yikes!). xxx


    1. Thank you so much! From what I have read on your blog you are all prepared already. I still haven’t even gotten around to buying baggy pants! Good luck with your operation and I hope it will bring a pain free future for you.


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