Pre-op appointment for hysterectomy

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Yesterday I had one of the nicest days I have had in a while. It helped that London was sunny and warm – it almost felt like spring (of course today we are back to the grey mist that we usually have). I dropped my son off to nursery in the morning and did a quick interval session before meeting a friend for a coffee. I then picked up the baba early as we needed to head to the specialist’s office for my pre-op assessment.

We were on the bus and at one of the stops I noticed The Monkey randomly waving at a guy standing outside. The guy waved back and soon they were making faces at each other – all three of us were in stitches of laughter. Something happens to people in London when the sun is out; they walk lighter, look brighter and (if you’ve ever been to the city you will understand and appreciate the importance of this:) they smile! Yes, Londoners can smile – albeit rarely.

As usual, we were about an hour early so decided to (well I did) to pop into H&M to “kill some time” (read: to shop). Monkey hates shopping. Hates it. But somehow we managed to have fun – we tried on sunglasses and searched for groovy tops for me and his 13-year old sister. She is into anime and all things Japanese and when the Monkey spotted a “My Little Pony” t-shirt he was convinced this fitted the theme. It was very cute to see a 4 year old shopping for clothes for his 13 year old sister.

We ended up being at the doctor’s office about half an hour early. We settled in for the wait when he called us in – the patient before us was late and he didn’t want that to impact me so he swapped the appointments. (Must have been my lucky day!).

I had a chat with the doctor (or surgeon really) while Monkey sat quietly eating a snackbar.  Again the surgeon wanted reassurance that despite my “young” age of 34 I actually knew what having a hysterectomy would mean for my reproductive future (duh!). We also had a chat about the ovaries. The surgeon seems to be doing the operation more for the endometriosis rather than the prolapse. Usually for endometriosis the ovaries would be removed too as the endometriosis can reoccur as long as they are present in the body with their “nasty” hormones. I told him that I would like to keep them unless for some reason he found out during the operation that it would be worthwhile cutting them out. There is a chance that I will have to have another operation later if the ovaries are left and the endo gets out of hand but I will take my chances rather than wake up menopausal after the operation. However, I will only find out in the recovery room whether I get to keep them.

I also asked, and yes – I know this is weird, whether it would be possible to see the uterus after the operation. Pure curiosity as I want to see this organ that has kept my babies safe and healthy from a cell to almost 4 kilos of joy. Apparently this won’t be possible as it will be sent to the lab afterwards for analysis. The surgeon will cut it open and prepare it straight after taking it out.

I also gave my permission to have 2 visiting surgeons observe the procedure as long as they would not actually interfere with the operation. I will be out anyway and apparently my surgeon is good enough for people to travel over to watch him work!

Then there were blood tests. Monkey sat on my lap observing the procedure – I was hoping this would make him less afraid of it should he ever need to have it done. He was fascinated. Three vials was taken out and I believe they will be tested for Liver function, CBC and Glucose (the latter might be the full blood chemistry).

So that was that – I have signed the consent form and tomorrow I will be checking into the hospital. It will be weird as I am trying to be very cool and nonchalant about it so haven’t really told anyone. I will be going in alone as my husband will have to pick up Monkey from nursery and the operation will be so late that by the time I wake up it will be the baba’s bedtime. Probably best as I would just be worrying about my husband otherwise.

As for running; I will do a long run this afternoon and my last run tomorrow morning (early!). I think the run tomorrow will be an emotional one.

I will do my best to be back online and blogging asap after the op but if I don’t reply to comments straight away please don’t hold it against me. I see all comments on my phone as they come and appreciate all the funny, wise and lovely comments I have received from you lot thus far.

3 thoughts on “Pre-op appointment for hysterectomy

  1. i battled with the decision to keep or not keep my ovaries as well. i think i’d have kept them where they were if it not for the crazy question of breast cancer (and really every other kind of cancer) in my family. it runs like wild fire throughout the women in my family. it was easier to not have to wonder if it would strike me later than it was to decide if i should swallow some pills every day. in your position, i would easily do what you have done as well. another surgery for another day, all things being equal. instant menopause is not as fun as it sounds, but it’s also not as tough to sort out if you DO have to go through it. honestly, it could be a lot, lot worse.

    i am thinking about you. warm and bright thoughts. you are going to have the best run of your whole life. enjoy it, and really feel the way it feels, because it’s going to be the last run you feel the way you do. i took note of every single thing i felt the day before my surgery. i still remember feeling really thick and tired. i was ready for the whole thing to be done. running after my surgery was like the doors had been flung open wide. a whole new day. i hope this is how it feels for you. i have a feeling it will be. 🙂 you are going to do great. you are young and strong and tough and have no time for this thing called being ill. (what the fuck is convalescence? i’ve got a preschooler and shit to do.) i’ll be waiting to hear how you’ve come along. i will not be surprised at all if you’ve walked home from the hospital. xx

    (but, if by chance, you DO feel like shit when you wake up, just milk it for all it’s worth. it’s about the only time i’ve been able to elicit any kind of “free pass” to watch talk shows and reality television for hours. and without a shower or make up or even changing my clothes for days on end no less. and if anyone gives you shit, just reach for the doctor prescribed really good medication and nod off. it’s been sanctioned by the medical community that you be a drug addict for at least a week. enjoy!)


  2. Good luck with the procedure and hope you have a beautiful last run (both of which I assume have already happened by now). I’ve been too sick to run this week, and will be thinking of you when I get back out there tomorrow.


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