Yurbuds Inspire for Women – ordered!

Though I am still in the process of being allowed to run again, I am getting prepared. I have been running with a very ugly, but functional, head band throughout the winter. Not only has this kept my ears warm but it has also kept my iPhone headphones firmly in place. I have tiny ears (amazing I can hear anything at all!) and have struggled to find any headphones that won’t fall out.

I found out about Yurbuds a while back and have been waiting for their range for women to come out. No, not because I like all the girly colours (as nice as it is to have a choice) but because these are smaller. The Yurbuds boast a technology called TwistLock which ensures the headphones will not fall out. This could be a game changer, folks. I might actually be able to go out for a run without sweating my head off due to the headband! Well, that is assuming the sun actually decides to kick winter’s ass soon.

I will keep you posted on how I get on with these – can’t wait for them to arrive already!

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