Lift off!

I had my 2 week check-up with the surgeon yesterday. He removed whatever remained of the stitches on my stomach (supposedly dissolvable) – it is amazing how small the incisions are. They are no more than 1cm each – mad! I thought they were a bit bigger but looking at them now I cannot believe any hardware managed to fit in through the holes.

I also checked with him what was removed and he had taken out the uterus and cervix. I am left with the fallopian tubes and ovaries. This does mean that I will still ovulate and will still suffer from the mittelschmerz (ovulation pain) and the mood swings. But this is nothing compared to the hormonal hell I would be going through if the ovaries had been taken out.

And then came the highlight – legally they are required to film the operation (the actual, internal, operation). You know, in case I decide to insist that he removed my ovaries. So he has the whole 40 or so minutes on DVD! Wish I had had popcorn with me. It took him some maneuvering to get the disk to play (installing software, removing a sticker off the disk) but luckily he persevered and before I knew it I was staring at my uterus. The angle of the “film” is from my head end so I saw his tools, my uterus, the ovaries and the bladder. The left tool is a grabber and the right one is a cauterising cutter – I suppose a laser. He showed me how he cut the tubes first, avoiding the ureter. There was fairly minimal bleeding as the cauterising tool burnt the vessels as it cut. There was a lot of tugging and every now and again he disconnected from the robot to go and tug things out of they way “in person”. It is weird to think that what I was seeing was basically him being between my legs with a tool up my lady bits shuffling my uterus around…

Snippety snip and the tubes were cut and then he proceeded to cut the uterus and cervix. When this was done the uterus was pulled out vaginally and the top of the vagina was stitched shut and any bleeders cauterised (apparently I have large veins). I did ask for a copy of the DVD but apparently this is technically difficult for whatever reason so I am having to do without.

I do have to say my surgeon is probably one of the best in his field. That does mean that he is very busy and couldn’t really remember anything about my operation other than that it was “uneventful and boring” (sorry about that, I said). When I asked if he remembered me bolting up in the operating theatre asking to see my uterus he said: “oh yeah, you did that. It does happen, though”. Way to make a girl feel special!.. And this is probably the only context in which I am happy to have the work “unremarkable” attached to me, but that is what the findings were when the uterus was checked. There was a small polyp but otherwise it was a-ok.

I am going back in 4 weeks time when he is going to have a look inside and discharge me.

With all the movie excitement going on I forgot to ask about the running so emailed his assistant later to ask when I could hit the pavement again. The reply came an hour later:

“Mr. XXX has said it’s fine to start running again but to build up gradually and let your body do the talking”

I CAN GO RUNNING!! Everybody, I can go running!!! Running!!!

So on Saturday I am going to go for my first run in 2+ weeks. I am so excited and a little bit scared. In other news my Yurbuds arrived and I can test them out. Will keep you posted on that but having tried them on I think it might be good news.

So I am ending this week on a happy note. Also as I did another 11km brisk walk yesterday and the groin pain was minimal. I am hoping this means I won’t completely cripple myself running. It may be cold and snowing outside but I think my spring just started – it is a new beginning and it’s going to be good!

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