Yurbuds are about the only buds here!

Let me first start with giving you a brief glimpse into the weather in the UK at the moment:

It is basically the heart of winter here right now. Areas of UK are suffering with blizzards and meters high snow drifts. People are trapped in pubs (hey, what better place to be!) due to snow. It is cold, the wind is biting cold and hard, and the skies are grey. It is miserable. London isn’t as badly hit; it never is. We seem to have our own microclimate which is always a bit warmer than the rest of the country, possibly due to it’s position but mainly “thanks” to the buildings, traffic and pollution. Still, it has been very cold for the past week or so. The wind is enough to strip the hair off your head and most days we have some sort of mixture of snow/sleet/hale coming down. Luckily it isn’t sticking.

Image        Image

So this is the weather that I was heading out into on Saturday to do my first run since the hysterectomy, 16 days after the operation in fact. If I am entirely honest I was scared. Utterly terrified. What if I hated it? What if I couldn’t run and would have to *gasp* walk?!? What if I ripped my stitches and became a bloody mess on the side of the road. What if it hurt. 

But I went out. I put on my winter running gear and I dragged myself out. Also, determined to test the Yurbuds I wore my headband around my neck just in case it was too cold to go without but I wanted to see how the headphones stayed in without it.

I changed the RunMeter activity from “Walk” to “Run”. I turned on the music and made sure the GPS was active. And off I went. And it felt ok. One foot in front of the other. Two weeks off running has had some impact on my fitness of course and my lungs were on fire but I ignored it. I ignored the fact that my legs felt tired. I ignored the fact that I felt tired – never before have I felt like I could have fallen asleep while running but I did then (not fall asleep but feel like it). And I kept on going. I made my way to Regents Park and determined to strike a balance between starting off easy and feeling good afterwards I ended up doing a fairly easy paced 10km run.

I was buzzing. I had just done 10km as my first run in two weeks. I had had and ORGAN removed recently. Am I mad!? Or am I brave? Probably just stupid. But nothing hurt (outside of the normal places that hurt after a run) so it must be ok.

And then I went and did it again on Sunday. So all in all I ran 20km this weekend and I feel so much better for it. I still love running, it still makes me ecstatic and I CAN still do it. It will take a while to get back to where I was but not as long as I expected it to.

ImageAnd as for the Yurbuds for Women: My ears are tiny and as I have said before it has been a struggle to find headphones that a) stay in and  b) don’t hurt. And I think we may have a a winner here, ladies! I put them in at the beginning of the run and they were still in when I got home. I even had to check a few times that they were still in situ as I couldn’t feel them. The only drawback is the lack of remote on the wire. You cannot easily adjust the volume or skip a track. But I can live with this. I am not too fussed about the quality of sound but I thought it was ok – I heard my music and the distance

Image / time announcements I have set up on the app.

If you do order the Yurbuds and the size isn’t quite right, you can send in a picture of them in your ear and you will be sent a free personalised fit. I know I sound like I have been paid to rant about these but I promise I have purchased the Yurbuds with my own, hard earned, pennies and am receiving no perks for recommending them. I am just so darn pleased that I can run without wasting energy on having to put my headphones back in or running with a headband when the weather finally turns.

So all in all things are good. I think doing all that running and planking before the hysterectomy has paid off. My recovery time has been very quick and I feel like I can go fully back into whatever I was doing before. I still avoid lifting heavy things or doing crunches but I did some planking this weekend. If you are having this operation done my advise would be: prepare yourself physically and mentally. Get your body in shape but also work on your head. And keep doing those pelvic floor / kegel exercises!

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