My ongoing drinking problem


Thank you so much for all your insights and information on hydration and nutrition whilst running. To recap some of the info I was given on- and offline:

Backpacks and bladders

  • Hot and uncomfortable
  • Sloshing is annoying (though I have been told this can be eliminated by getting all the extra air out of the bladder)
  • The vest that I had been eyeing, and which I think is the lightest I have seen is the Hydrapak E-Lite Vest – I am still tempted but might save this for next winter if I still feel I might need it

Handheld water bottle

  • Gets in the way and prohibits you from using your hands for taking stuff out of your pockets, adjusting things etc
  • I personally worry about arm getting tired or sore
  • There are special bottles which come with a hand strap (like this Amphiphod Hydraform) – these should minimise the need to grip the bottle but I still envisage poking my eye out whilst blowing my nose

Pit-stops along the way

  • This seems to be a popular solution; a lot of you pop into cafes, kiosks or friends’ houses along the way to get a drink or use water fountains
  • Eliminates having to run the whole way with a bottle
  • Not a solution for me as I don’t like to stop along the way (I wouldn’t be able to get going again)


  • Downsides are that it can be heavy and if the sizing isn’t right it can chafe and burn or bounce up and down
  • Various options from two or four  small (170ml) bottles to one or more big bottles
  • I worry about the balance issues; we all know how a small imbalance can start causing injuries

In the end, I have decided to try the waterbelt to start off with. I purchased a very cheap one yesterday to get started. This will at least show me if I like the idea of a waterbelt and if this particular one isn’t quite right I will get a more expensive one if the basic idea is good. Unfortunately the shop where I got it from (“IT” being a Karrimor 2 bottle belt) only had it in this disgusting black and pink colour. I will look like a bloody jogging Barbie doll (minus the obvious perks of the Barbie body). I just need to figure out which way this belt goes…

As for little boost along the way, I think the Clif Shot Bloks have come on top and I will get some to give these a go. Who knows, maybe I will turn out to be a super-speedy-enormous-endurance runner once I get these basics sorted. Or not. I just need to learn how to chew and run at the same time… *Pats head and rubs tummy*


4 thoughts on “My ongoing drinking problem

      1. now THAT is a good idea! I have a very old Cannondale one–single bottle but it’s angled straight upward and not an easy in/out while running. think I’ll convert to the single bottle on an angle. like that it’s at the small of my back rather than on my hips


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