Running for Boston


It feels a bit pointless to go back to my inane yapping about hydration or the stomach issues during running after what happened in Boston. In fact I find it very hard to say anything coherent.

I wasn’t watching TV and only found out about the explosions when someone posted on Facebook saying “What the hell is going on in Boston?”. I checked the news and my heart sank. This was my community that was being attacked. Runners, their supporters, their families. And to hear that one of the dead was a child, waiting for his daddy to cross the finish line just about did me in.

I just don’t know what to say. The London Marathon takes place next weekend and whilst I am not expecting trouble there I am sure everyone will be thinking of what happened in Boston on that day. The runners have been asked to wear black ribbons to honour the victims – they won’t be running just for themselves but for all the runners everywhere. For all those who will never be able to run on their own two feet again after having lost them to whatever cause these madmen hail as the reason for the attack. They will be running for those who lost their lives or their ability to live as they used to. To all those whose loved ones were affected.

We will keep running and life goes on. Affected it may be, changed forever, but we are not defeated.

If you want to read a beautifully written and a very moving response from a fellow runner, please check this post on “Pudding The Damage On” blog. She says it so much better than I ever could.

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