Stubbornly stupid runner

Phfew! It’s so good to be back! Oh where was I? Nowhere really, just at home. Exactly a week ago, Monday, I was sitting where I am now (I am naughty and write this at work) when I got a call. My son had fallen asleep at nursery (he never, ever naps during the day and for him to fall asleep at nursery… oh oh!) and was running a high fever. So I packed my things, picked up the little monkey who was so relieved to see me that he burst into tears. We got home and made him comfortable on the sofa with CBeebies on TV. I had a feeling, call it mother’s instinct, and I lifted his shirt. Sure enough, I could see a few barely visible spots but enough for me to know that he had chicken pox. Maybe I am a horrible mother, for I knew he would have a hellish couple of days ahead of him, but I was relieved. It’s much better to get chicken pox when you are young – if you get hit with it when you are older it could be much more serious.

I won’t go into the details of Monkey’s “chicken spots” (as he calls them) but he was a real trooper. To get them even in your willy just seems bloody unfair to me but he just got on with things. His fever didn’t last more than a day and a half and other than that it was just a case of managing the itch, which was worst at night.

Monkey and I were thus in isolation at home whilst London was enjoying a week of the best weather we have seen in months. It was sunny, hot and just gorgeous. I took the opportunity to deep clean the whole flat and spent 3 days (13h, 12h and 6h) on scrubbing every surface clean. Exhausting work but it was either that or spend the days with my nose pressed against the windows watching people in their summer clothes. Though I did take a break to spend a few minutes appreciating the brave specimen of the male species who was tanning himself in the garden with nothing but the smallest trunks on.

Yeah, see how I am avoiding a certain topic… Uh huh… The “R” word… I did my 21km run on the Thursday week and a half ago and then had that horrible run on the Saturday. Well, I rested until Wednesday when I did a 12km run early in the morning. The leg was still hurting and initially I felt like my knee was going to go from under me – every step was pain, pain, pain. I kept on going though as mentally I needed that run. Having to rest/not being able to run just seems to completely destroy my mental health and the calm that running induces. My purpose is taken from me not being able to do the one thing I feel I CAN do.

Anyway, I rested again for a few days until Saturday when I went out and ran 25km!! Yes, my longest run EVER. The leg still hurt but after 10km my body just gave up and pumped whatever it is that kills the pain into my system. The running felt easy. I got to 20km and felt I could go on forever so I did an extra loop. I got home where my husband was frantic. He wasn’t sure what had happened to me, I have never been gone for over 2.5 hours when running before – I think he thought I had been arrested for a runner’s rage related incident. I get very verbal when cars don’t stop at pedestrian crossings or people get in the way. Needless to say that when I did finally stop running I was in a world of pain. The first thing I did was swallow a handful of Neurofen. My legs were in agony central; throbbing, aching.. Oh, and can I just ask you all to remind me to not forget the Vaseline next time… I came back with the worst chafing ever – down there! The only thing I can say about that is aucha fuckah! I have my last appointment with the hysto surgeon this week when he will check that all has healed internally – not sure how I will explain the areas of missing skin…

I was still limping on Sunday but I was determined to go out and do my recovery run. Probably very very stupid as from the first step it hurt so much I wanted to cry. But I kept going (I think we have established by now that I am not brave, just stupid) and did 30min run going veeeeeery slowly. Every step was agony on my thigh and groin. It was a case of Neurofen OD again as soon as I got home. And thank god for BioFreeze!! To add insult to injury I then did my back in when changing the beds. I did swear. Loudly. In Finnish.

So that brings me to today. I am going to try and get a physio appointment to assess what the hell is going on with me asap. I have that 30km in my sights now and I am not going to let it slip away.


2 thoughts on “Stubbornly stupid runner

    1. We certainly are. Are we brave, stubborn, stupid – I don’t know. Even though we are probably doing damage to ourselves, I at the same time am amazed at how strong the mind can be when the body isn’t.


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