And now for something completely different – music!

Just thought I would share a few songs that always manage to get my spirits up. Personally I cannot run without music. Sometimes it is about the lyrics and other times about the music itself.

Sufjan Stevens – Super Sexy Woman (A Sun Came!)

Sufjan rocks, he really does. The song is goofy and I love it for the lyrics. He has better songs though and especially the album “The Age of Adz” is pure gold.

Foals – My Number (Holy Fire)

I hate to admit it but I seem to have a very commercial taste in music. Well, sometimes the songs I like are a bit marmite and I am in a very small minority in liking them. But this song by Foals seems to be a hit and I loved it from the first listen. It gets my pace up when pounding the pavements.

Bruce Peninsula – Crabapples (Small Town Murder Songs Soundtrack)

The movie was… interesting.. but I loooved the music in it and before the credits were rolling I had bought the soundtrack on iTunes. Love it. Need to look more in to Bruce Peninsula.

Jookabox – Light (Dead Zone Boys)

“Dead Zone Boys” album by Jookabox – my best find ever. It is pure marmite though; you either love it or hate it. I love it. When I first heard “Light” I couldn’t stop listening to it. The album is full of great songs.

Iron Maiden – Aces High (Powerslave)

Oh, how I love Iron Maiden. Yes, admitting that is probably very uncool but this is my kind of music. The first band I EVER listened to was Guns ‘N Roses so what did you expect. This song is amazing for running. Another good running song (well, they all work) is “Run to the Hills” from “Number of the Beast”

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