No pain, no gain?


I am so sorry for having gone AWOL again. I just hate it when life gets in the way of moaning about running injuries.

Where was I?… Oh yes, whinging about my banjaxed right leg. So since then I have seen a physiotherapist twice. There are two different types of physio at the clinic I go to; initially you see a manual therapist who will try to fix the issue and then (if you need it) you see a rehab therapist who will (try to) teach you to move better and avoid future injuries. They, and the concept, are actually brilliant.

Manual Therapist

As I said, I have seen the manual therapist twice now (last Thursday and yesterday). Annoyingly I limp into the clinic and then when she has me trying to move to incite the pain I can never feel it. My theory is that this is due to adrenalin as I am so nervous. At the first appointment she massaged my right leg and tried to release the tension that I seem to have there. And holy cow – it is TIGHT! She had trouble figuring out where the pain is coming from but it was quite clear that my hip isn’t doing too well. It keeps popping anyway and during one of the “manoeuvres”  you could hear this hollow “plop” every time I lifted my leg up. I believe she mentioned that she suspected an issue with the labrum but could be wrong. All I know is that ever since I had to do PE in primary school, my hips have given me trouble – they lock, pop and crackle. I am 34 going on 80.

The second appointment was… interesting. And when I say that, I mean bloody painful.  It started innocently enough with me doing one legged squats and her stating that my knee doesn’t track properly. Then she started massaging the leg and I started begging for drugs. She used her forearm to push down the side and front of the thigh.. hard. The she did some nice “elbow into the glutes” action. By now I was turning grey. But ha, the crafty woman had another weapon in her arsenal – needles!! I have had some acupuncture before at my chiropractor – it was painless if not a bit weird. But this time I had the needles (“only” 2) stuck to what felt like the muscle on the side of my thigh. Realistically I know the needles aren’t pushed that deep but I could have sworn they were jammed right into the muscle. My whole lower leg was in agony. And then she turned the needles – I started seeing a tunnel with a light at the end of it… It all lasted about 30 seconds but it was painful. Luckily she decided not to needle my inner thigh, she just “pinched” it (well, massaged but it felt like pinching).  I am normally pretty good with pain so I am have no idea why all this felt so unbearable – giving birth seemed preferable! After she had taped my thigh I was urged to book another appointment with the rehab therapist for later this week and another one for the torture next – like a calf to slaughter…

I left the clinic feeling like I needed a sweet tea for the shock but decided to treat myself to some new shoes instead – it has the same, soothing effect.


After I saw the therapist on Thursday, she did tell me to take it easy with the running. I ran home from the physio, which is a very short 4km run so was taking her advice. As we had a long weekend here in the UK with the Monday off, I then did 5km on Saturday, 20km on Sunday and 5km on Monday. Well, I did kind of take it easy. My head needed that long run so I risked the body. I wasn’t even planning to go out for that long; it was a warm morning and I don’t normally do well in the heat. I went out first thing in the morning and didn’t even eat anything before – not. a. thing.  Luckily I had my water. By the time I had hit 20km I was beginning to feel like there was absolutely nada in the tank. The last time I had eaten was the previous day, not even that late. In a way it was interesting as I kind of understand now what happens to people running marathons – obviously they get it later in the game and have eaten before the run but sheesh – that wall hurts!

Also – my second toe keeps giving me hassle. About 5km into the run it goes numb but in a painful way. It helps if I curl my toes in the shoes but it isn’t really easy to run like that. I have no idea what is causing this.

My next run is planned for tomorrow, Thursday. I think I will do a tempo run on the track. That will ensure I keep the distance down but I will still feel like I have done a “proper” run if I can keep going hard enough during the fast run.

I have been discharged

By my gyno surgeon. He did a quick internal on Thursday last week and apparently things are healing well so he won’t need to see me again. He sends a letter to my GP after each appointment and I am always copied into them. In the last one he said

“I was delighted to see XXX today. I understand she did a 10K run only 16 days after her hysterectomy and was exercising only a few days after her hysterectomy. However, this is probably a reflection on fitness rather than anything else and she has done extremely well”

Made me giggle.

He did remind me of something that I had hoped was a joke – no sex until 12 weeks after the operation. 12 weeks!!!! 12! I am just under 9 weeks post-op. Three more weeks. That made me stop giggling. I suppose you really don’t want to mess with having the top of your vagina being held together by about 3 stitches so I won’t fight him on this one.

I think that just about brings us up to date. In other news, spring has arrived to London and we have had a gorgous, sunny and warm week. T-shirts, skirts and flip flops are out – though I wish people wouldn’t wear the latter (I am not a fan of feet).

Hope the sun has reached you where ever you are and running is going well.

4 thoughts on “No pain, no gain?

  1. oh. poor you. i hope they get your hip, knee, thigh, toe… whatever… pain sorted out quick. are these sports doctors? they sound like they run a torture chamber! 🙂 and…. holy hell, 12 weeks. i don’t think i had to wait that long. i don’t remember. it seems like ages ago. it was only just in december! heal up, friend. xxx


    1. Nah, not “poor me”. I really should take a loooong look at myself in the mirror and ask “why is your hip still hurting”?. The answer is really quite simple – because I am not giving myself a chance to recover. The physio is really quite good, they are a specialist sports clinic and especially the woman who does the rehab physio is excellent – I am seeing her tomorrow (hurrah!).
      I know – 12 weeks! Weirdly my sexdrive seems to have returned with a wham so I am really struggling at the moment. Well, it’s another thing that gets my ass out of the door to go on those runs – just to distract myself. 🙂


      1. well, at least you are in the right place for your rehab. the rest part is tough. it is harder sometimes to convince yourself to rest than it is to keep pushing on a difficult run. i pulled a muscle in my stablizing muscles along my hip. it ran the length of my upper thigh and even down into my calf a bit. it was quite painful. it took a little while to get back to normal, and i had to do some strength work to build the muscles around it. i sympathize. i cannot imagine anyone putting their elbow in my ass at the moment it hurt. kudos to you for being a trooper. did she KT tape you back together?

        i’m glad you are feeling your hormones returning to normal. i’m back in that ring of hell and sorting them out again. something is a bit off, and i’ve gone to see a specialist to see if she can’t balance them out a little better. i’m about to start taking something different now. fingers crossed i can stop feeling 63 soon. yuck.


      2. Yeah, the did “fix” me when my left leg went end of last year so I trust them 100%. You are absolutely right about it being easier to run in pain than to rest. I think it has (at least with me) something to do with the rest being about giving up, being lazy. But when you run, even with pain (stupidly), you see yourself as tough and brave. Stupid really, but I just can’t help myself. Your injury sounds horrifically painful, am I correct to say that you still finished a marathon with it? 🙂

        Yes, she did put a long stretch of KT tape on the thigh – I have never had that before. Tempted to buy some myself but frankly I have no idea how to correctly use it so probably better I just stick to my BioFreeze and Neurofen.

        I am sorry to hear that your hormones have shifted again. They are slippery bastards and it seems so tricky to nail the right balance in order not to feel off. I hope the new stuff will work – you should be able to enjoy your 30s without feeling like you’re going on 60. xxx


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