Pins and Needles

Pins and needles

Another day, another appointment with my physio lady (the one with the needles) – well yesterday. She thought the movement in my hips was better (yay!) but my quads were still very tight (boo!). She had me sitting on the edge of the treatment bed, pulling the left knee to my chest and then leaning back onto the bed. The right leg was supposed to stay on the bed. However – as everything in the leg was so tight, the leg lifted a good bit off the  bed and my knee was in agony. If I didn’t believe her about the diagnosis before that, I did then.

And this woman has the best motivator for me to get my foam roller out – she likes to treat the tightness with needles. I told you about this before and yesterday was the round 2 of the torture. 3 needles into the thigh – apparently the pain is due to the tightness but I think it is actually from having needles shoved into your LEG! After that she massaged the leg and whilst it was painful, it wasn’t as bad as last time. Could it be?.. Could it be progress?!

We had a chat about my running and I think she gets me when I say I really need that weekly long run. And as it wasn’t too painful last weekend, she’s allowed me to keep it in but just forget about the recovery run the next day (for now). Makes total sense since it is the recovery run that is effectively me limping for half an hour in near-tears.

Tomorrow I have my rehab physio. She mentioned last time that we would take a look at my core muscles with an ultrasound to see how they’re doing. Sounds cool! She won’t be seeing much though – my core needs some effective help to get back to what it was before my hysterectomy.

So all in all, I think we are getting somewhere. I did a tempo run yesterday – just a short 10 min warm-up, 15 min fast, 10 min cool-down – as I needed to hurry to the physio appointment. My legs felt very tired but I managed a pretty good pace which I am pleased about.

Something that I know I really need to open up to is cross-training. My brother-in-law has recently found swimming with the same zeal that a born-again embraces religion and is pushing me to take it up too. I would have to take lessons as my idea of a technique is “doggy paddle hard enough to stay afloat”. Not sure that will have the desired effect… And it just seems like such a faff – going to the pool, changing, showering  etc… My time is precious. I am, however, aware that I need to work muscles, other than those in my legs, as well. Also, like the BIL said: “running bulks you up, swimming makes you leaner”. Not sure how to take that..

In any case, I am confident that with a LOT of foam rolling and keeping up with my stability exercises I will get somewhere. My issues are greatly due to poor core so I need to add more exercises for that and soon I’ll be back to my best again. That’s the plan anyway

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