The tip that burst my bubble

Yesterday I had yet another session of physio. This was made interesting by the fact that we had a look at my abdominal muscles (or the lack thereof) with an ultrasound. The last time I had one of those was a good while back for a completely different reason. No – not a pregnancy scan but to check the uterus before my laparoscopy last year. This ultrasound is very different in that it doesn’t penetrate further than the layer of muscle and inevitable fat in the abdominal wall.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my ultrasound but basically what you see is striations that show a clear division of three different muscle layers. And the darker the layer is, the more “worked” that muscle is. White stuff indicates the presence of water (and the need to flex that muscle a bit more). The layer that my physio was most interested in, was the deepest layer; the Transversus Abdominis muscle. This is the fecker I need to get working again in order to balance myself and to improve my core strength. The theory is that the hysterectomy; anaesthesia, the incisions, removal of the uterus, would have confused this muscle into redundancy. It no longer has to hold the internal structure in place the way it used to so it has been slacking off. I had to try and tighten the very deep muscles whilst on the ultrasound and it it was interesting to see the muscle being “pulled” when I finally engaged with it. So that is a huge part of my homework – working those deep transverse muscles.

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This isn’t my ultrasound but gives you an idea what you can see. “TRA” is the layer I need to work on 

The day was beautiful and I had a few hours between dropping the Monkey off to the nursery and the physio appointment so I decided to walk the 4 or so kilometers there. I was in my running gear as the plan was to run home after the hard work was done. Here is me eating a banana in Regents Park en route.

photo (22)Ok, so you can’t see the banana, the park or me really so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I did my physio and got ready to run home when… PANIC!!! A disaster struck – I had lost one of the headphone tips to my Yurbuds! I cannot use them without so basically I had no means of having music on my run home. You might as well have sawn off a limb and told me to get on with it. I have no idea when or where the tip was lost – I didn’t have the headphones in when I walked to the physio, instead I held them in my hand. I was really thrown. Normally I am in my lovely, safe cocoon when I run. I am aware of my surroundings but at the same time cut off in a way I prefer. I actually felt destabilised and unsettled – it was like running naked. No music, no time/distance announcements.. I know a lot of runners prefer to run like this but I can safely say I am not a member of that club.

But the problem wasn’t just this run but all the runs to come. Until I replace the tip, I will be running without headphones. As soon as I was through the door I was frantically tweeting Yurbuds and Wiggle (where I bought the headphones from) asking if it was possible to buy replacement tips. Eventually the UK division of Yurbuds replied.

photo (4)

So I emailed them straight away and hopefully I will be sent a replacement tip. If this is really true then this company gets A+ for customer service from me. I will keep you posted. I doubt it will arrive by my long run on Saturday so I will have to do this.. naked. *gulp* I really feel like I would rather run without clothes than without my headphones. At least I wouldn’t be able to hear the comments about my jiggling butt!

2 thoughts on “The tip that burst my bubble

  1. Congrats on your progress thus far. I know how hard it is to rebuild the abdominal muscles. This week marked 8 months post op for me. I’ve been able to say I feel my muscles coming back in the past month or so. I started back with Bikram Yoga in March and have been leading ab workouts with my running group 2 weeks ago. It gets better with time.
    Sorry to hear about your yurbuds. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the product & their customer service. I need to invest in a pair!


    1. Hi! It has surprised me how big a setback such a relatively “small” operation has been on my fitness. I know I am missing an organ etc but I had utterly underestimated the impact of the anaesthesia and the incision points. Good to hear that you feel things have been recovering and you are getting your muscles back. I need to focus on the abs more as well.

      Yurbuds UK were amazing and they sent me a pair of the earbuds. Definitely a company and product that I can recommend!


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