I run so I can eat Karelian Pies

As I am writing this, I am sitting at my desk at work with a “Venti iced skinny latte” whilst working those deep abdominal muscles (just call me the Queen of Multitasking). I swear that my stomach feels more taught already (I have only been doing them since Thursday – placebo anyone?).

Normally I would pick up a cappuccino from the coffee shop at the tube station on my way in but today I needed something cold and refreshing. I did a run this morning (I was out by 0515am) and I don’t think I rehydrated enough afterwards. So thirsty….

And oh my, things have changed in the weeks since I last did a run at dawn! First of all – the whole concept of “dawn” has moved hours into what I still consider to be the night. It was already light when I started running (I checked and the sunrise time in London today was 5am). What a treat! I love running in the (very) early morning light. But what I had forgotten to factor in was the fact that I was basically running on empty. I had pretty much nothing in my stomach – I skipped dinner and didn’t eat anything before the run. So I only managed a very slow 11.5km but at a run is a run. And I did 21km on Saturday again so I forgive myself for not pushing for another 5km at least.

The reason I had to squeeze this extra run in (Monday is usually my day off) is two-fold:

– my recovery runs on Sunday are banned for now. They have been pure misery with the bad leg so my physio recommended I skip them for now and just rest after the long run

– My son and I are flying to Finland on Thursday morning to see family (no time to run that day and who knows how running will pan out while we are there)

And to “get in the mood” for Finland, we had lunch at our favourite London cafe, The Nordic Bakery on Saturday. We always get odd looks when we waltz in (now, that should deserve odd looks) and order all the Karelian pies they have going. Most folks here seem to be happy with one but we need at least (!) 3 per adult and even my 4 year old has 2. I bet you are thinking they are actual pies but in fact they look like this:

Karelian pies, best served with egg butter

And then of course we had to have some cinnamon rolls and a blueberry bun… If I keep this up, I will have to book two seats for myself on that flight!

photo 3 (7)

That has now made me hungry again…

So to distract myself from the rumbling stomach, an update on the “missing tip” fiasco. I haven’t yet received the new pair of Yurbud tips but I did finally manage to find the extra pair (in a larger size) that came with the headphones. They were in my sowing kit (duh, well of course!..)… They fit ok, so the disaster has been averted – for now. I still prefer the smaller size though (in the headphone tips only – get that mind out of the gutter!…).

So it is going to be a busy week. Tomorrow I will do a tempo run and have another physio appointment. I have been foam rolling like a madwoman to avoid the dreaded needles shoved into my thigh to “release the tension”.

And then there is the packing of course. ‘Cause that takes days, right? I am a little bit nervous about the trip – after all I haven’t been back for 7 years.. It’s the nerves, I hope, that count for the fact that my stomach has been a bit funny the past few days.

Yeah, definitely the nerves and not the norovirus that has been doing the rounds lately….

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