I am not one for SHIT

I think I have travel fever. By this time tomorrow, we’ll be nearing Helsinki. So excited!

Yesterday I did a tempo run of 10min warm-up, 15min fast, 10min cool-down. Argh, it was so hard. So, so hard. I usually settle into a pace of about 5:40-5:45 min/km on my long runs. It is not fast but a comfortable pace for me. In the run yesterday, I maintained a pace of about 5:12 for the 15 minutes. This was enough to nearly kill me. I felt like I was going to pass out or at least throw up. I think am designed for the LSD, rather than the SHIT. (Long Slow Distance vs. Short High Intensity Training – the first time I heard of these acronyms was from here and they stuck). By the time I was finished with my run I was sweating like a mofo, sweat was actually dripping down my face – normally it is all dried into this salty crust by the time I get home. Nice, eh? I am one sexy runner, me.

I also had another physiotherapy session yesterday. I seem to be having 1-2 every week – they must reckon I am a bit of a wreck! The good news was that my legs are much better and less tight. There was no need to use the acupuncture needles on my quads. But – my glutes were tight so I ended up with 5 needles on my ass. I am beginning to wonder about this woman’s sadistic tendencies… It did hurt less than “needling” the legs did. Like she said, my legs are pretty much all muscle now but my ass has more padding…

I was also advised to make sure I get enough recovery between runs for now, so ditch the recovery runs. My next run is planned for Friday, in Finland. I have already mapped out a nice 21km run for myself. The only “problem” is that it’s quite hilly compared to my runs in London – I am a bit nervous as to how I will handle these.

So this is me, logging off for a week or so. Wish me luck – I will be spending hours travelling with a 4-year old with a hypersensitivity to sugar. One wrong snack and he’ll be bouncing off the walls – not that much fun when you are travelling by plane…

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