Too HOT for HIT

I had a manual physio session yesterday. More needles on my ass. The physiotherapist upped her game by leaving the needles in situ while massaging the thigh, which sent these “lovely” little spasms to the nerves. I can’t believe I pay to have this done to me…

Interestingly my thigh was much better, despite me having skipped a lot of the (physio and other) exercises during the week in Finland. That makes me think my routine of squats and lunges might not be all good..

I did a quick interval run (High Intensity Training – HIT) before the physio session; 15 min warm-up, 15 x (30s fast & 1 min slow) and I extended the cool-down so that the total run time was just over an hour. I was dreading the intervals, I felt genuinely scared and apprehensive of the pain that I knew I was going to feel. It was HOT in London yesterday and I was sweating like Santa Claus at bootcamp. As an extra hurdle there were 4 groups of school kids at the track so a lot of weaving around them was necessary. But I did it (high-fives herself)!

Monkey making the most of London sunshine yesterday
Monkey making the most of London sunshine yesterday

Tomorrow I am planning to do my long run, so at least 21km. The forecast is sunny with temperatures around 20C.. Not ideal.. I was thinking of getting some High 5 tablets to put into my water bottle.. When I did my second long run in Finland (in the heat), I mixed some orange juice into my water bottle. I didn’t find it as refreshing as just water but I am sure it helped me to get something extra in. High 5 would actually be genuinely helpful, claiming to be “a delicious, refreshing, zero-sugar, low-carb, anti-cramp electrolyte drink with added magnesium”. I might as well give it a go.

Now, do you guys remember my panic when I lost one of my Yurbud tips? Well, let me update you on this. I tweeted about it and was responded to by @yurbudsUK. They told me to email them my name, address, colour and yurbud size. I did and soon after I received a pair of tips in the post. Accompanying these was a note apologising that my colour, purple, wasn’t in stock so they sent me blue ones but would send the purple ones as soon as they got them in. I forgot all about it as I was happy with the blue ones, I don’t really care about the colour. But then yesterday I received a pair of the purple ones in the post. So folks – Yurbuds rock. The product is great – I am so happy with the headphones (they do NOT fall out) – and the customer service is excellent. If you are on the fence about trying these – go for it.

I might also need to book another trip to Finland soon; in less than a week we have eaten 1kg of Oltermanni cheese, 4 massive packs of rye bread (ruispalat) and most of the sweets I brought back… Yep.. Another long run is definitely needed to burn some of this off.




4 thoughts on “Too HOT for HIT

  1. Great news about the Yurbuds….great customer service is sooo rare these days. (I’d like to hook Garmin up with the Yurbuds people…they could learn a LOT) (But that’s another story entirely) I hope the High 5 experiment went well. You have more courage than I do…my rule of thumb is “Don’t try anything new further from home than you want to walk”…


    1. You are absolutely right – and sensible – about needing to be a bit wary of testing stuff out on the long run but luckily it worked out for me. I am going to write a post about it today.
      Good customer service is so rare and worth celebrating – I am surprised to hear that Garmin lacks on that front. Shame on them!


  2. i got a free pair of yurbuds as a promo (a very timely one, because i had read your post and also my pair of apple ear buds crapped out)…. they ARE as good as you say they are. they stay put and do not hurt my ears at all. my tiny, tiny, delicate woman ears. šŸ™‚


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