High 5 to electrolytes!

It’s amazing that I have no problem going for a run; rain, shine, snow, sleet – it doesn’t matter. I can get up at 5am for a quick 12km before work without a word of complaint. But the one thing I seem to struggle with is remembering to do my foam rolling. My foam roller is bright orange, it is in the living room, directly in my line of sight but I just seem to have developed a blind spot where it’s concerned.

Yes, you guessed it – I woke up with legs as stiff as two planks of wood. I had to run for the bus this morning and – oh sweet jesus – the agony. But I am getting ahead of myself here, let me go back up a bit.

On Saturday I did my weekly long run, this time 22km. It was quite warm so a good opportunity to test my electrolyte tablet in the water bottle. I went to Runners Need on Friday and got two different brands: High 5 Zero in Berry and Nuun in Tri-Berry.

How do you like my artistic picture?..
How do you like my artistic picture?..

I run with a very small bottle from Sweaty Betty which only takes 330ml of liquid. However this seems to be perfect for my runs and is easy to carry. I decided to try the Nuun first, and added half a tablet into my bottle but then went ahead and added the second half too – “oh why not”. For future reference I think half a tablet is enough for such a small bottle, the taste was a bit too strong though I don’t think it necessarily had any other adverse effect. The water turned into a lovely pink hue and tasted rather nice!

The first few sips on the run sent my stomach into uncertain flutters. I had an unnerving kilometer or two deciding if I needed the loo or not. However, it settled. You have to remember I do my runs in the morning and my system is pretty much empty. I did have a banana and a small bowl of corn flakes before my run, but even a sip of water is a bit of a risk added into this.

The more distance I put in, the better I seemed to tolerate the drink. As I said, it was a warm day so I felt that anything that gave me an additional edge was welcome. Whether it’s the placebo effect or an actual benefit from the drink, I did feel pretty good. Strange thing though – the drink turned yellow at some point in my run… After I came home I mixed myself a tall glass of water with ice and dropped another tablet into that – delicious! My husband commented that “you can’t see how blotchy you are now that you are bit tanned”. Thanks, love! I am a bit of a mess after a good run.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I did an interval session. Again 15 min warm-up, 15 x (30s fast, 1min slow) and cool-down until I hit 1 hour. And I think I am beginning to change my mind about the interval runs. I still get “The Fear” but I felt fierce and strong afterwards. I had the same high as I get from a long run but it was enhanced with the fact that I feel I am doing more “good” by putting myself through all that pain. I had another large recovery drink after I got home, this time with the High 5. I am glad I followed the guy’s advise at Runners Need and went for these flavours, I love them both though they taste pretty much the same.

So I can declare the electrolyte experiment a success – hurrah! Now I just need to get myself acquainted with the gels and I can start working on longer distance.

Oh, and the stiffness. I had a physiotherapy session yesterday as well. I am now working on the small muscles, on my bum especially. My glutes are stronger on the left side, so there is some work to be done. I had a revelation when my physiotherapist (PT from now on) told me to stand on one leg and feel the “dimple” on the bum on that side. The dimple is much deeper on the right side whereas the left side is more “filled in”… I am planning to fill it in with muscle, not fat.

So a tough run, followed by a pretty tough physio session and I am a wreck. I should have rolled. I will tonight. I will remember…

2 thoughts on “High 5 to electrolytes!

  1. Love the photo, creative and colour coordinated. Thanks for the Sweaty Betty link, there is some nice stuff in there 🙂 All the best with your foam rolling, mine lives in the lounge room too, it sure is a helpful piece of equipment as well as a talking point for visitors who have no idea what it is.


    1. Sweaty Betty is great – a sure way to get rid of your £££. 🙂 Ha, I agree – the foam roller is a good conversation starter with guests.
      Glad you liked the photo, I think I need to work on my artistic skills though. 🙂


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