Life after hysterectomy

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I have been going back and forth about whether I should post about this topic or not. It is very personal after all. However, when I started this blog, the hysterectomy was very much on my mind and I was actively trying to find out more information online about what the operation would be like and about the life after. So I feel I owe it to share my experience for anyone about to have the operation themselves.

To recap, I had the operation due to endometriosis and prolapsed uterus – I had my uterus and cervix removed with ovaries and fallopian tubes left in situ. I suppose you could say it was partially voluntary. I was on The Pill (Yasmin), which I went on after my skin went bonkers following the birth of my son. I had no sex drive to speak of. I would hear my friends talk about their sex lives and it always surprised me that they actually felt like having some. I just had no interest whatsoever – months passed without any action. I can now look back and I can see this was probably due to The Pill.

I was told to abstain for 12 weeks after the operation to avoid infection or tearing the internal stitches. And let me tell you, nothing puts you off sex like the idea of tearing a hole where your cervix used to be. But then something funny happened towards the end of this 12 weeks; my libido started recovering.

I went from feeling like this:

“Come near me and I will shoot you” (From

To feeling like this:

I am not sure whether something changed in my head or my body but things were different. In layman’s terms; I was gagging for it.

There was a big red circle in my diary on the date when the 12 weeks was up and my husband had been pre-warned. I am not going to lie, it was initially uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Whether this was because I was nervous, the operation or the long time off such activities, I am not sure. This discomfort passed though and now things are better than ever. When they say that sex can be better after a hysterectomy, they aren’t kidding.

It’s funny (well, not really) what a huge impact something like your sex drive can have on your self-esteem. At least it did on mine. I felt like I was a freak before, a frigid oddity.

Now my husband is the one feigning headaches to get a night off..

2 thoughts on “Life after hysterectomy

  1. Hi,
    I am 36 yrs old sufferring from endometriosis since 10 yrs. i have finally made up my mind to go for hysterectomy(a complete one with removal of ovaries). I have no kids, my husband and me gave up on IVF after 3 unsuccesful trials. My doctor wants me to go for a conservative surgery but I want to put an end to this once for all.
    Please advice.


    1. Hi Sushmita! Thanks for reading my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment.
      I am afraid I really cannot advise you regarding your decision, however. I am not a doctor or an expert. All I can say is that I had, what is called, a complete hysterectomy which leaves the ovaries and Fallopian tubes in place. Of course this might mean there is a higher chance of the endo returning but I would rather have another operation later to take more drastic action, than deal with all the hormonal imbalance issues that come with the removal of ovaries. It is not an easy decision and I am sure it must be horribly emotional anyway, knowing that you are giving up on your dream of being pregnant – I am really sorry that you have to go through this.
      I would say talk to your doctor/surgeon to understand the pros and cons of all scenarios. Try to make an informed decision, rather than an emotional one. I hope all goes well for you.


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