Getting organised

I think I have cracked it, and this time I don’t mean a part of my wrecked body. I think I have cracked the “Running Plan without having a Running Plan” conundrum. At the back of my mind I have been feeling a bit like I was running but without it having any positive effect due to the monotony of the routine. It was always the same; longish distance at a comfortable pace. But no more, oh no. No more avoiding PAIN.

My new running routine is:

Tuesday: Interval training at the track. This session needs to have fast sprints and I need to come home feeling I could not have given it any more than I did

Thursday: Hill run. It took me a while to figure out how I could find any hills in the area I live in but I have managed to find a route that is challenging enough. This includes Primrose Hill (which I might start calling Primrose HELL) which is a hill if there ever was one.

Saturday: Long run of at least 20km but ideally building the distance up.

I will then do an additional run on either Wednesday morning or on Sunday, which will act as a recovery run. Short, 30min, easy run. I have been avoiding these after being told my physio to avoid running two days in a row for now to give my legs a chance to recover. However, I think I am getting to the point again where I can return to 4 runs a week (still seems like not enough…).

In addition I do daily set of physio exercises, arm strength and a workout for my butt/thighs. And some planking. My physio is also going to introduce my to Pilates which she thinks will help me learn to correct my position whenever I get a bit “wonky”.

Having a loose schedule to follow (and some new routes) should keep things interesting. And hopefully it will have a bigger impact on my fitness and accumulation of lard. I think for the latter, it would also help if I could stay away from all the bad foods and beer… But then, why do you think I run….




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