Recovering idiot

When I read blogs or articles about running, one word always comes up: recovery. I used to think that this just meant getting your breath back and stretching a bit to avoid stiff legs the next day. Yeah… I think there might be a bit more to it than that.

After the long run on Saturday, I did an interval run on Tuesday. It was very hard. The day was very humid and warm; muggy we call it here. I was dehydrated and my whole body felt tired. But I could not allow myself to have an “easy” run now that I have re-discovered the benefits of the HIT.

And as you know, I usually do my long runs (over 21km) on Saturdays but as my husband and I are going away to a wedding this weekend, I had to do it on Thursday. Again the day was muggy and I felt horrible. My stomach was clearly upset and I felt like I hadn’t been able to bounce back from the Saturday run yet. I ended up doing just over 21km – a weak run physically, I  was pushed forward purely by my stubbornness. “There may come a day I won’t be able to do my long run but it will NOT be today” was going through my head. I was on a foul mood, cursing at pedestrians being inconsiderate on the pavements* and cars not stopping for me at zebra crossings. My legs were tired. I felt nauseous and my stomach roiled. I had dead kamikaze insects stuck to my sticky skin. Where my water had lasted me the 30km on Saturday, I now ran out at 19km. It was hot. It was humid. I was drenched in sweat and covered in the white crust you have left when that sweat evaporates. But I did it. I was able to push myself. Just.

I know what she means. This is what pushed me to finish mine.

I know it was not smart to run another long run so soon after the previous one (yet I would do it again). But it has taught me about why you want to do your best to help the body recover after a workout. You need to put in what you took out and a chocolate bar is not the answer here (damn it!). I need to go back to my chia seed and yoghurt smoothies to start off with and really look into the science of recovery. I might need to re-read all those articles I skimmed through before. It’s time to stop being stupid and smarten up. After all, a good recovery means being back there – strong – for another good run.

* Pet hates being; people who walk 3-aside and won’t budge for you, school kids being walked to the London Zoo forcing everyone else onto the road, dog walkers with multiple dogs all over the place – I could go on


2 thoughts on “Recovering idiot

  1. I hear you! Lately I’ve gone from really bad about recovery, to just downright pitiful. I’ll go hours without eating after a run – unless we are counting coffee and milk (weekdays) or beer (weekends) – I never stretch, and if I manage to squeeze in a run I’m certainly not ever going to take it easy. This weekend it was hot and humid here as well (the lovely impact of climate change in LA has been the sudden appearance of humidity, ugh) and I really overdid it for my long run on Sunday. Did I learn? NO! I went out for a shorter, harder run this morning and have spent all day barely able to move… Someday I’ve actually got to start taking this seriously, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.


    1. You sound just like me. It is hard to eat after a run, isn’t it though? And then when you can I am starving to the point where I reach for the quickest fix. And oh yes, when you know you have overdone it and KNOW you should take it easy.. But then overdo it again – yep… Just like me….


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