Sweating champagne


Oh dear, it’s been a while! I am here, still alive despite the heat trying to finish me off. London has finally been nudged into summer, and into a glorious heat wave. It is HOT.

I had an “ok” week of running last week with the intervals on Tuesday and a hill run at 5 am on Thursday. I had to sneak that one in before the day at Wimbledon – and I am glad I did. I felt at least a bit more justified and exonerated when we ordered the first (!) bottle of champagne at 1030 am… Uups! It was a great day but the heat and drink left me sleeping badly the next couple of nights and consequently feeling rubbish ahead of my run on Saturday.  I had a very bad case of The Fear ahead of this weekly long run – I wasn’t at all sure I would be able to do my 21km in the beating sun. But I got up at 7am and by 0730 I was out there with the bottle of electrolyte water. I managed to do 22.3km and almost did the 21km under 2h (damn traffic!) so it was pretty good. I have never in my life been so sweaty though. At least I assume that got the last of the booze from Thursday out of my system.

The heat continues this week and I am supposed to be doing intervals tomorrow.. Ha, that will be fun! I just approach it as preparation for our 2 week holiday in Florida at the end of July / beginning of August. Not only will it be hot then but also humid… Gulp! There should be a facility for “bikram running mills” in order for people like me to acclimatise…

Failing that, these tips  from Active.com are quite helpful.

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