The best laid plans

The best laid plans and all that. Tuesday was supposed to be my interval day at the track. I was dreading it to say the least as the temperature was pushing 25C by 9am and the sun was making it’s presence known from a cloudless sky. As I was leaving home, I debated with myself on whether to bring my water bottle or not. In the end I decided not to on the grounds that it would get in the way during the sprints and it would only be an hour.

As I ran to the track I immediately realised my planned session would not be happening that day. It was closed due to a sports day of some of the local schools. Yes, I may have said a naughty word. Oh well, I changed the “Run Intervals” to “Run” on my RunMeter app (which kicks ass, by the way) and decided I would just run and see what happened. If I had  had my water with me, I would have done a hill run that day but I was worried I would die of dehydration (well, maybe not “die”) so I gave myself a free pass on that. I took direction towards Regents Park and ended up doing just over 13km run. It felt good and almost easy and I would probably have ran longer had I had my water with me. It’s amazing how it’s become an almost superstitious thing now for someone who always used to run “dry”.

Tomorrow I will do the hill run and the weather should still be on the hot side so there is a good chance it won’t be the best session I ever did…

... of water, of course!
… of water, of course!

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