Hills and shorts

Yes, I am being a grumpy old cow but these Sports Days are getting to annoy me. Yet again I had to amend my plans yesterday when the track at Paddington Rec was closed. So no intervals for me – which probably wasn’t all bad considering the temperature was closer to 30C than 25C..  This heatwave is amazing! I can’t remember the last time we had such good weather in London! 

So back to the run – I decided that it was time to do something different so instead of just running to Primrose Hill for my hill run (which I was going to do instead of the intervals) I set myself a challenge. I was going to run to Hampstead. If you are familiar with North London you will probably know the big hill that is Fitzjohn’s Avenue. It goes on and on and I feel even the busses struggle to get up the hill. I have long eyed this hill for running feeling a mixture of terror and excitement. I wanted to conquer it. And yesterday that is exactly what I did. I took off from Maida Hill (via the track) and bounded up to Swiss Cottage and from there on to Hampstead. The hill in initially deceptively easy but it soon let’s you know there is no way of getting up it without putting in some effort. It is loooooong. But I did it and felt ok so when I got to Hampstead I decided to find myself the highest point I could get to without getting lost (Hampstead has a lot of small roads and narrow lanes). I went up The Mount to Hampstead Grove and then turned back. Interestingly the downhill seemed to go on forever! Much longer than the when I ran up the hill – how is that possible? Anyway I decided to add an extra challenge so I ran then onto Primrose Hill where I tackled the hill a few times from a couple of different angles. Not my fastest run but I enjoyed the challenge that the hot weather and the hills provided. 

A VERY slow run but I got some great hills in
A VERY slow run but I got some great hills in

Oh and speaking of hot weather – this was my first run in SHORTS! This is something that I never in a million years thought I would ever do (see any of my past blogs) but last weekend I finally succumbed to the fact that the capris are too hot and popped into the Nike Store. Not ever having run in shorts before, I had no idea what to look out for so I just tried to find that long enough to cover my thighs as much as possible without being knee length. The lady at the shop recommended the “Nike 10m Rival Stretch Woven” shorts which I then got. The material is gorgeous, really light and soft. However, during my run I realised that I need to add another spot for the pre-run Vaseline routine.. The shorts ride up and whilst this has it’s own dangers of indecency, the main problem was chafing. I only realised later that evening that my inner thighs (wobble wobble) are chafed… Auch… Other than that it was nice to run in something that allowed air to cool my legs down a bit (as much as stagnant, humid hot air can…). 

Tomorrow I think I am going to do my long run. I can then do my intervals on Saturday as the track should be open then. It is supposed to be 29C tomorrow…. Gulp.


5 thoughts on “Hills and shorts

  1. I’m running in no chamois biking shorts left over from my previous life…so you know they aren’t going to last much longer. I recently bought a pair of compression shorts, and have high hopes for them as running shorts. I hate it when loose leg shorts bunch and/or ride up. aaarrrgggghhhhh! Nice run….it’s great when you are able to turn a lemon into lemonade, isn’t it?


    1. Just goes to show that good kit is worth it and lasts you, eh! 🙂 I have a love and hate relationship with compression kit and tight shorts anyway – I just don’t like how my legs looks like it is being squirted out of a nozzle with a nice tire around the end of the short leg. But yes – shorts riding up are probably worse.


  2. Love hills, HATE shorts. The problem is that it’s so so unbelievably hot here these days that even in the early morning, by the time I hit my big favorite hill at the end of my run I’m just about ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. So I keep eyeing the shorts, but just can’t pull the trigger. Now when it’s too hot to run in my tights I just call it a vacation day and drink a beer instead. 🙂


    1. Aah, now that is a good plan! 🙂 I got used to the shorts eventually (the humidity in Florida was great in plastering them in place) but I was so glad to be back in my capris when we got back. I just feel… safer. 🙂


  3. I hated the shorts until I discovered… Bodyglide! That stuff is probably made by magical fairies who weave special spells into the Vaseline (that it basically is). Chafing stopped and after the first 10-15 mins the shorts stop riding up so badly. I think that’s when the sweat just kind of locks them into place. Nice, eh! We are currently in Florida on holiday and, boy, am I glad I am not even attempting to run in tights. It is SO hot and humid it is beyond belief! I have done a couple if short (5km) runs on the beach and let me tell you – death was near. Beer definitely sounds better than a run in these conditions..


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