A world of pain

pain site 2

I am being silly again. No, scrap that. I think this might confidently be filed under “stupid”. Ever since I started adding hill runs to my routine, my left calf has been a bit sore. And it has been getting worse and whilst I should have taken it easy I have done the opposite. The pain in the calf isn’t limited to just running anymore but I can feel it even just walking or putting weight on the leg. Sometimes it’s worse and other times I can almost forget about it. It’s getting to the point where I find myself googling things like “difference between shin splints and stress fracture” and then ignoring the results when they come out suggesting I might have the latter. Having a stress fracture would mean weeks (!!) off running. I know, I know – if I that’s what it is and I keep running on it, I am really going to bugger it up. Like I said – stupid. So far I am managing with Neurofen gel, tablets and BioFreeze. And large doses of ability to ignore obvious.

To add a whinge to the whine, last week when I was doing my squats I could feel my back go. It does that regularly and when I still got my period this was a monthly occurrence. I kind of assumed that since the ovaries and hormones are still as they were, then maybe that is what’s causing it. But it’s been going on now for almost a week. The back gets very stiff when I sit and it takes a while to straighten it out again when I stand up. The ache extends to the front and I feel like my pelvis is full of little people with ice cream scoops, making balls of my insides. And I think sciatica is taking part in the fun too. On Friday I will be spending 9.5 hours on a plane. Shit. I think that just only hit me now. I will be spending 9 hours 25 minutes sitting down. On a bad back. (With a 4-year old to entertain but that’s a whole other story) I might never walk again..

10 thoughts on “A world of pain

  1. oh, my love. i’ve come back from an extended holiday to check on you, and found you’re in pain!! no. i hope you are resting. i know you are going on holiday yourself, so i hope you taking it easy and RESTING. it’s the most difficult medicine sometimes. xx


  2. Hope the pain is dying down a bit by now! I’ve struggled with some tendon strains since running cross country waaaay back in high school – I made the mistake of pushing through the pain and the result is that twenty years later it is and will always be a permanent recurring injury. Sometimes the best training you can do is to not train for a little while…


    1. I am afraid the pain is still there and occasionally pretty bad. I now routinely have to take Neurofen before I run or it won’t happen. The pain is occasionally there even when I am not moving, which I know is bad news. It’s worst when I sprint or suddenly land of the leg (like running for the bus or chasing my kid). The smart thing here would definitely be to stop running for a bit but I might as well stop breathing. 😦


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