Jet lag might be real after all

I always thought that jet lag was something you could just sleep off. I mean, surely it can’t be that big a deal with people travelling intercontinentally all the time – right?

Yeah, I know Jack. I know NOW. The current time difference between here and Florida is 5 hours. It doesn’t sound like much, really. But boy, has it messed me up. Travelling there was fine – we just needed to stay up a bit longer than usual and try and get a good night’s sleep when we went to bed (which would have been about 2am London time). I did fail on that (I was up at 4am waiting for the sunrise which didn’t happen until 6.42am – the stars were beautiful though) but managed to get rested and felt pretty normal within days. I kept waking up early and my sleep was patchy but I think it was probably the bright sun that kept me going.

Coming back, our flight was at 5.30pm, landing in London the next day at 0620am. So the key was to sleep on the flight, tricking your body into thinking that it was night so that we would wake up in London into a new day. (Please see gif of Jack again). My son slept solidly throughout the flight and I should really be grateful for (not so) small miracles. He was the only one of us though. We got home and had a 2 hour nap and sleepwalked through the rest of the day trying to keep each other awake until bedtime.

That was last Saturday. On Sunday I got up early again and went for a 22km run. Tuesday I got up at 0520am to do a 11km hill run. Thursday a 0700 interval session at the track. And it has been HARD. I am so exhausted. I seem to be getting enough hours of sleep but I think it’s the quality that is lacking. I am having such vivid, mad dreams that seem to go on for the whole night – I am exhausted when I wake up. My head hurts, I feel dizzy and during the interval run I had to work hard on not throwing up. I feel like I am running faster but when I check my pace I am actually much slower than usually. I also am very prone to what I can only describe as palpitations; tiredness, too much caffeine or stress and my heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest. Red Bull is a no-no for me unless I want to feel like I am having a heart attack. Add to this my leg pain and I just about want to collapse on the pavement and have a tantrum. I am tired enough for one anyway.

I have my long run planned for tomorrow and then I have two glorious days off running to try and rest my weary bones. I am going to try and get all the chores done on Saturday so that I will not have anything bugging me to get out of bed early on Sunday – I am having a duvet day.

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