In need of another hit

I am Hysterical Runner and it has been 3 days and about 2 hour since my last run.

Yep, I have actually been resting my foot/leg and it seems to be a bit better. I can put more weight on it though it still hurts in certain positions. However, I am planning to go for a run tomorrow. Might not be the usual 22 or so kilometres I usually do on Saturdays but I will run. (I have to stop the shakes and other withdrawal symptoms somehow)

At the lack of actual running, I was looking through my running history on RunMeter and noticed a pattern; whenever I do a run that is over 10km, I always (always) get faster after 8-10km. I don’t consciously speed up but the pace seems to pick up. In fact, there are a few stages that I have come to expect during my runs:

1. Initially after about 4km I stop hating the run and wanting to turn back. Until then I loath to be out and the prospect of having another 2 hours (on a long run) to go makes me despair. I suppose this is how long it takes for everything to warm up. I am naughty in that I don’t otherwise do a separate warm-up at all, I just start running but try to keep the pace easy. It also takes a while before I start sweating and until then it feels like my body is overheating and my skin feels ripe to burst.

2. Then at about 8 or 10 kilometres things suddenly get very easy. I feel like I have grown wings on my back. I get faster without trying and seemingly without it taxing my body at all. This “super boost” lasts until the end of the run on a good day and on a bad day ends at around 18-19km. (It’s the bad days when I am falling over myself or twisting my feet on uneven surfaces…)

I tried to ask my fried Mr. Google about this but he only offered me answers about speed work. (Should I take a hint?). And then it hit me:

I must be daft. No, I think I am actually genuinely dumb. I have been running for about a year now and only equated the euphoric feeling I get AFTER I finish a run, with the Runners High. I never actually stopped to think (ha, remember, I don’t stop) about the simple fact that my body might be releasing these endorphins mid-run, when you actually need them. I mean, I have lived a bit, I should know a hit when I experience one. Wanting to bounce rather than run – check. Smiling at random strangers rather than growling at them (which is the norm) – check. Attempting to sing along to my running music – check (and I apologise to anyone whom I may have subjected to this). Feeling happy I am out running. I think anyone who questions whether Runners High exists, hasn’t ever run hard enough or far enough to experience it – it’s real all right. (If you don’t believe me, believe this:

In the light of my own unwillingness to stop running, even when injured, this article is quite interesting:

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to being a runner again. I need another hit.

2 thoughts on “In need of another hit

  1. this is EXACTLY how i feel running. i loathe the first miles. hate them. there are times when i actually do not look forward to going out the door… but with 3 miles or so behind me… i start to work into a groove. the miles go faster. i start to get more efficient. i enjoy the run. if i have to stop for a light, i’m pissed. i just want to move. i recently took a running partner for long runs, and it’s nice, but there are times when i just want to goooooo! because that endorphin rush comes at about the 3 mile mark and i don’t want to talk anymore. i want to put on my music and zone out. i’m entirely pleased with her for getting me through the 3 miles of hell in the beginning with chit chat, but now my body wants to work! 🙂


    1. They are horrible, aren’t they. The time it takes to warm up is pure physical agony and mental hell while you battle your head to keep going. It’s so worth it though, once everything limbers up and you start enjoying it. I can’t run with another person, I just don’t enjoy it. I am constantly worrying about going too fast/too slow and hate to be chatting when I run. Though the last time I did run with someone (and Iron Man, no less) my time was the best in a long while so there are obvious perks to it. 🙂


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