Stupid foot


This resting business is HARD. It is much, much harder than getting up at pre-dawn to go for a run or keep going when you feel pain. I went for a 22km run on Saturday despite the fact that my foot was hurting. I didn’t think it would be that bad but I dosed up on Neurofen (never do as I do!), both internally and by applying the gel on the foot (very naughty as the internal and external intake both count) so I figured it would be ok. The run started off ok, not too much pain. Maybe a slight limp. I wasn’t at my fastest though for sure, not by a country mile. At around 8km the pain started to get worse. And every now and again it would cause this white hot explosion of pain on my foot but I found that if I tried to turn my foot inside a bit (to get the weight off the outer edge on which I seem to run), it eased it slightly. So I kept on going and soon  (after about 5km..) the pain gave up or was drowned by my desperate body shooting every kind of relieving hormone into the system.

The foot was a bit sore the rest of the day but not too bad and I thought I might have dodged a bullet.

And then came the day after, last Sunday. I could barely walk when I got out of bed, the foot didn’t tolerate any weight on it initially and I had use the crutches, that I still have from my bunion surgery last year, to get around. Once I’d limbered up a bit the pain eased up a bit but it was clear the side of my foot was getting slightly swollen. Not too much though and it wasn’t turning blue so my diagnosis has been that no bones are broken. (Small miracles and all that…)

I have family over from Finland and this means there has been a fair bit of walking during the week and the foot has held up fine. It is sore and I cannot have any weight on the outside of the left foot but movement seems to be ok. Weirdly my calf is quite tight and painful as well, I am sure this is related somehow. There has been no running all week (I am not even going to begin to tell you how this has messed me up mentally) but tomorrow I am planning another long run. I need to do it. I know something is wrong with the foot but I think I can run it off. I am going to try anyhow, this week has been the longest ever!

Injuries suck. They really do.

(Sulky Runner)

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