Hill Bully

It feels like the beginning of a whole new era. Has the Earth tipped again as something feels very different. My baby, my 4 (and a half!) year old started school this week. Today is his first full day in a whole new environment, making new friends, learning and takings steps towards his future. I managed not to cry, but only just.

So in the spirit of new beginnings I am determined to get fully back to running this week after the foot injury. I rested last week, only doing a run on Saturday (22km). I had some pain during the run but it was very minor. The next day I was limping but the foot was not swollen so I took that to be a good sign.

This morning I got up at 0530 to do a quick 11km run up to Hampstead (hills, hills, hills) before taking the kiddo to school. And you know there is trouble brewing when you can’t go (you know what I mean…) before you head out for the run. Especially when it is an early morning run, I find. And sure enough, it was a case of  “run, run as fast as you can…” all the way home on my way back. But hey – the foot held! Could be a case of the Neurofen kicking in but I am not in pain. Hurrah! I do find I am running with a slight limp so I need to watch this or I am going to injure something else.

I tried to take a picture last weekend of this wonderful hill from Finchley Road to Hampstead but for some reason hills just don’t photograph well.  However, I can promise you that it is the stuff of nightmares, unless you are a runner who needs to do hill training in which case it is a dream. Long, sustained hill. Lovely (!) I am just glad I don’t have to walk my kids or groceries up the beast…

Fitzjohn's Avenue - the best hill around
Fitzjohn’s Avenue – the best hill around

I have buried the old Nikes under the dresser and have been running in my Asics. I am afraid that they are just not the shoes for me. They just lack the cushioning that I find the Nikes give and which I seem to need. So I it will be a trip to the shops for me sometime soon. But for now, the main thing is that I am back in business.


4 thoughts on “Hill Bully

    1. Sounds painful, Gramma! Nice hills are hard to come by and it took me years to brave this one. And then when I did I was amazed at how doable it was. Not sure I would use it for repeats though – that would kill me. 🙂


  1. Oh I am jealous of you getting back into your routine. I realized this weekend how long it’s been since I’ve been for a run – first I was sick, then the baby stopped sleeping, then the move, and all of a sudden a MONTH has gone by with no runs for me! Is it any wonder I feel like I’m going a bit crazy? The trick this week will be to reestablish my routine while seeking out some new paths through my new neighborhood – that’s got to be the hardest part of moving, is finding those new perfect hills!


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