Misty morning run

Even though I have been running throughout the summer, I feel like I have taken the foot off the gas a little bit. The runs have not been that taxing (well, I am not saying that a 22km run doesn’t tax you but it is a slog, not an intensive run such as intervals). I could blame the shin splints (or general, undiagnosed tibialis pain as I consider it) or the foot. Or it could be the difficulty of fitting in track runs when the kids are at home all day during summer holidays. Whatever it is, my runs have gotten a lot slower and until I warm up I am panting pretty badly. I can tell that the routine needs a kick up the backside.

This morning I got up for another 0515am run. I was quite excited about it as it was the first run in my new Nikes so, as much as one can at that time in the morning, I bounced out of bed at the first sign of the alarm. 20 mins later I emerged into a warm, dark morning. It was hot yesterday and it will be hot today so London was covered in this beautiful, haunting early morning mist. I decided to head to Primrose Hill to do some more intensive hill runs. The Hampstead run is a long sustained hill but the Primrose Hill is steep and makes you work very hard. (You probably heard me pant all the way to where you are as I was attacking it)

Entering Primrose Hill was magical – it was slowly starting to get lighter and the park slowly revealed itself to me as I ran on the mist covered paths. I looped around the outer edges of the park, taking the long approach to one of the longer, steeper faces of the hill. When I got to the top I jogged backwards for a bit to look at the view over London which initially was still completely covered in fog. I then ran to the back of the hill (down and up) and took the long way to the hill again. Every time I got to the top I rewarded myself with a quick look at the view (running backwards) and every time the city had shrugged off more of it’s misty veil. These are some of the last warm mornings of the year, I think and I whilst getting up before dawn might sound mad, it was definitely worth it. And I wasn’t alone enjoying the beautiful vista – the top of Primrose Hill was getting almost crowded despite the early hour.

I did the “killer hill” three times with added runs up the back hills and though it got easier it made me realise that the sooner I can get some interval runs in, the better. The total run was about 10.5km.

The Primrose Hill bit of my run. It's hard to see the various loops as they overlap but gives you an idea of the park
The Primrose Hill bit of my run. It’s hard to see the various loops as they overlap but gives you an idea of the park

Oh, and the shoes. They are amazing. It will take some time of course for them to completely mould around my feet but I felt so much better running in them than I did in the Asics or the old Nikes. The next time I start whinging about weird injuries, will you please remind me to consider the possibility of it being due to dead shoes.


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