A sign of life

Yes, I am still here! It has been a manic few weeks with my youngest starting school and us trying to find ourselves a new routine. I expected the poor mite to be exhausted but it seems that he’s fine but I am lacking some downtime.

Naturally I am still running as usual, in fact I have done two (infernal) interval sessions this week. I always extend the cool-down so that the total run time is at least an hour. I did feel I desperately needed some speed work with lesser distance.

I actually had a good think about the whole distance vs speed thing midst one of my “run slow” intervals. When I started running more seriously about a year ago, it was all about trying to keep going for as long as I could. I didn’t care that much about the distance at that point or about how fast I was going. In fact, I would prefer to slow all the way down rather than have to stop. It was amazing to be able to keep going for 30 mins, then 45 mins. The first time I ran for an hour I was elated. I felt like a superwoman. Gradually, as I got fitter and better at running, it became about the distance. So I would run faster just to cover the distance and GET THERE. Still – not really about speed and time. Now I am at a point where things feel a bit stuck. I know I am not refuelling properly after a run and I am making it harder for my body to keep me going. My running feels sluggish and slow. Hopefully the speed sessions this week will have helped things along a bit. I’ll find out on Saturday when I do my long run.

In other news, it is getting colder and I have actually had to dig out my long sleeved running top. It has been months since I have needed anything warmer than a sleeveless top , even a short sleeved t-shirt has been too much. Can’t deny it – winter’s coming folks!


5 thoughts on “A sign of life

    1. It’s funny as when I was running last winter, I dreaded the oncoming summer and warm weather for running. I overheat so easily anyway when I run, though I normally am always cold. But then I discovered shorts and a super-thin sleeveless top from Nike and adjusted to it. But I am quite looking forward to running in the cold again. It is trickier to dress right though as you start off running feeling cold and soon enough you are wanting to shed layers. Cold makes you run faster. 🙂


  1. I missed your posts, glad to see you’re still here!
    We had our first weekend in months when I was able to go for a run midday without keeling over from heat exhaustion. I think the LA winter is more akin to a warm fall in London, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cooling trend continues – it definitely makes it easier to squeeze in some run time.


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