Enter Sandman

I am not sure whether it’t the fact that I am Finnish and used to very dark winters, when the sun doesn’t come up for months or what but man, I am tired! My body is definitely getting ready to hibernate until May next year as I am feeling laaaaaazy. I am constantly hungry, I lust after Guinness and I am nesting. By the last thing I mean I am having to hold myself back not to go over the top with buying cosy throws, new bedding and furniture. I want to cook stews and casseroles and eat rye bread topped with fried egg. My head seems to think I should stay holed up in the flat for the next 5-or so months at least.

But, of course I am still running. I did have to skip Tuesday’s run as my son had a 48h tummy bug and I wasn’t feeling too great either. Even during my run yesterday (Thursday) I did feel like things could end very badly for me during the interval session… Without going into more detail, I will just stay that I broke some records running home after I hit the target I was after and didn’t have time to stretch… Ehem… My calves are of course killing me today, but if that is the price to pay for not crapping your pants then so be it.

So I feel like I am working extra hard just to get my butt out of the door and out running. But I never regret doing it afterwards, after all – that means I can have that pint I was lusting after. Right?


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