Run rage

Some runners hit put their shoes on and become instantly mellow, happy people. They run with a smile on their faces and seek eye contact with others out and about. Occasionally they might even greet strangers or shout encouragement to other runners.

Unfortunately I am not one of those runners.

I have talked about this before but when I run, I get angry. Though angry seems almost an understatement for the Hulk like transformation that takes place. If cyclists dare ride their bikes on the pavement, I will “usher” (“You! Off the pavement. Now! I said NOW!”) them onto the road. I will shout a sarcastic “thanks (with the occasional insult)!) to cars that won’t let me cross at a zebra crossing or who are too lazy to indicate thus keeping me waiting to see if they are going to run me over. I am vocal about large groups of pedestrians forcing me onto the road to pass them and god forbid I come across an unruly dog. I am pumped up, I am ready to fight and almost asking for one.

I am not angry because I don’t like running and would rather be at home eating Maltesers and reading Stephen King (as nice as that is, I feel I deserve it more after putting in the hard work). I am convinced that something happens in my body hormonally. Maybe it is an extra shot of adrenalin that just tips me over the edge. My poor husband is convinced I will end up in an actual fight one of these runs…

As for the butthead who thought it was funny to use their windshield washer to spray me as they were driving past yesterday – they totally deserved the finger, name calling and filthy looks they got from me…

7 thoughts on “Run rage

  1. I am totally guilty of “bitchy running” but I haven’t had the courage to yell at anyone yet – I have definitely had the urge!! Things that have taken me to the edge are: 4 people running side by side (I wanted to yell “No more than 2 abreast!” but didn’t know if they would understand what that meant); aimless walkers with dogs/children crowding the path; and people walking on the wrong side. My face probably toggles between “bitch face” and “oh God help me get through this” at any given time.


    1. Ah yes, all those things you mention boil my blood as well. I don’t always yell but also have an arsenal of various filthy looks, tuts and pointed groans. I can kind of see why my husband thinks there will come a day when someone will challenge me back. 🙂 It is liberating to let people know when they are being stupid but at the same time I wonder if I am giving all runners a bad name. It’s good to hear though that I am not the only one guilty of runner’s rage. 🙂


    1. Wow, thank you!!! That compliments has just made my day! And you are right about the bugs, unfortunately they also tend to stick to my teeth when I am baring them to growl at the slow pedestrians getting in my way.. 🙂


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