I feel bleurgh


I would be hysterical about the state of my health and well-being if I had the energy. Instead I will just have to make do with being meekly upset.

Since that terrible run a few weeks ago where Gingerbread Man and I were taking the measure of each other, things have not gotten much better. I have been running but not runs of any great quality. Tuesday I was only able to do a 6km run before I gave up – this is unheard of. I mean, I eat 6km runs for breakfast for heaven’s sake! Yesterday (Thursday) the plan was to do my 22km run and disappointingly I cut this down to 20km and of this the last 10km were pure agony.

So what is going on? My stomach is terrible; I have to go to the toilet many, many times a day and feel nauseous most of the time. It’s worst in the evening and when I wake up. I am tired, probably because I am not sleeping well; it is hard to fall asleep and to stay asleep. When I am running my legs get fatigued in a way that I have never, ever experienced before. These are legs that feel like I had been doing hill runs for 2 hours. I feel dizzy and weak.

In fact, if I still had the equipment, I would think I was pregnant.

Having done some research it could be overtraining syndrome or neuroendocrine fatigue. And this is what my husband keeps going on about. (I just think he is jealous of my superhuman ability to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning to go running)  I am not too sure though in what universe running 3 times a week would count as overtraining!

So what’s the plan? Well, I am going to try and shorten my runs for a week or two and make them easier. Try to eat the right things afterwards to aid the recovery. Or see a doctor in case this is indeed some ongoing stomach bug.

In the meanwhile I will leave you to check out this link and see how many of these you “tick”.


5 thoughts on “I feel bleurgh

  1. LOL on the “25 Things…” I’m guilty on several counts…
    (I know you didn’t ASK for opinions….but in mine, I think you need to take a complete break for a while. You’ve been training pretty heavily. You deserve a break. Your body is craving a break. Take a break. Two or three (or more) weeks totally off-no cross training either-will not significantly hurt your fitness level and it will give your body time to rebuild. Take a break.)(ok…off my soapbox now)


    1. Have you been talking to my husband?… This is what he has been telling me to do as well, but I just can’t. I have worked hard to get to the kind of running (ok, ok – I WAS) doing and don’t want to undo all that by *gasp* taking a break!!! I will cut back (a bit), I promise… Thanks for nagging me though – I think I need a bit of a kick in the arse sometimes in looking after myself. xxx


  2. i don’t know…. i’ve not had bouts of diarrhea or stomach upset during long training cycles. i’m not sure. your body is smarter than you, though. this much i do know. it tells you what you don’t want to hear often. i don’t know if adrenal fatigue actually exists (there is actually some debate on this front and is not actually a diagnosable disorder by a medical doctor, at least not here in the US). that is considered some “alternative” diagnosis. however…. even with that…. between marathon training cycles, i take a good bit of time to just run nothing specific. just go out and run a couple miles. slowly. shake out the cobwebs. for a week, i might run nothing at all. maybe i wade around in a pool. or walk. you do NOT lose your fitness. in fact, you preserve your muscles. even the pros take some time off, and girl… they are getting paaaaaid. 🙂



  3. My vote goes for overtraining – you have kids and a job and a husband and you run HOW MUCH? What I wouldn’t give to manage to overtrain myself into exhaustion… (which means, in other words, you’re my hero).


    1. You are such a sweetheart. And trust me – I am no hero. Just stupid and stubborn is equal measures. 🙂 And you’ll see once your daughter is a bit older, it is easier to carve out an hour here or there for yourself.


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