Hysterical (Non) Runner

First of all, I need to say that I love you all. Now, I don’t really know any of you but this community is awesome (let’s imagine some naff high-fives here). Seriously, thank you for being so kind after my last post. I am sure I over-reacted but when you share something so personal, it is hard not to take mean comments personally. That doesn’t mean I don’t want you to kick my ass when it needs to be kicked or call my stupid when I am. It doesn’t have to be all flowers and sunshine and happy-smiley-thoughts – but it doesn’t have to be mean either.

Aaaanyway, moving on to more important things like running! Or, as the case unfortunately is at the moment, the lack thereof. As you know from my previous (running) post, I have managed to banjax my leg again. I took a week off running (insert a collective gasp here) and minimised even walking. It seemed I was able to move a bit better, though still with a minor limp. By Tuesday my head was about to explode and I needed to lace up and hit the road. I dropped my son off to school and thought I would do “an easy 10km”. Ha, how I laugh at myself in retrospect!

As soon as I started “running” it was clear that the planned distance was not going to happen. The leg felt very stiff and every time it landed, a jolt went from my calf all the way to my buttock. The knee kept buckling from under me as the muscles were spasming too much to help it out. I ran home with my tail between my legs (1.5km), got inside and promptly had a tantrum. I had rubbed Neurofen gel on the knee and taken a couple of Neurofen Express tablets (DON’T DO THIS AT HOME, KIDS!) before the run and there was no clear impact from them.

The pain was a bit worse the rest of the day but it wasn’t until that night that it really got worse (must have been the Neurofen clocking off, so it WAS working). I kept waking up at night because of the achey knee and though my limp doesn’t seem as bad, the pain is worse and I feel it more acutely at the knee. I can’t see any visible swelling but I it feels swollen.

I am booked for a physio for tomorrow for them to diagnose me. I just need to know if this is something that I can work on or try to run through (like ITB issues) or if there is something more sinister going on.

To tell you the truth, I am really panicking here. I have not run for over a week (yesterday does not count, it was barely worth getting my running gear on for that!) and I can’t see how I will be running this weekend. I have worked so so hard and I can just feeeeeeeel the fitness evaporating into thin air like a “silent and deadly” fart.

I will let you know what the physio tells me tomorrow but I am desperate to get back to running and writing about running. Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Hysterical (Non) Runner

  1. I feel your frustration….I have been off running for 4 weeks with an ankle/Achilles injury. I have runner envy each time I see someone out there, but rest is often the best remedy (so I am told by the ‘experts’) it does nothing for my head space though….123 scream!


    1. I am screaming with you! I find it even hard to read running blogs here as I am so desperate to be out there.
      So sorry to hear about your Achilles injury! I really hope the rest is doing it’s job and you can be out there again soon.


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