Yearn to Run

Stir Crazy

Taking time off running might be good for my leg but it is sooooo bad for my head! I am going absolutely stir crazy.

I had my initial physio session on Thursday and the good news was that it doesn’t seem to be anything too serious. It’s probable that the hill runs in Ireland may have caused some damage to my Tibialis Anterior Muscle. I am still having some trouble believing it is just the muscle and none of the tendons are affected but the physio knows what she’s doing.

If you discount the failed attempt at running a week ago, I have now had to take almost two weeks off running. It is killing me. I have been trying to keep doing the squats etc but even they have been too painful, especially on the knee of the injured leg which makes me worried it might be more than that muscle.

I am going to give running a go tomorrow before my physio appointment at noon. At least I will be able to tell her if the rest has made a difference.

Hopefully I can be writing running updates soon!

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