Spin, Spin, Spin me around

I wish I had good news for you, but I am afraid I am still a cripple. 

Things were looking up earlier this week so I tried to do a run on Tuesday.. Oh boy, that was a bad idea and I knew it as soon as my bad leg first hit the pavement. I felt like a right quitter when I had to stop running and walk. However, I could feel myself doing damage so I am trying to keep telling myself I was just being smart. I had physio that afternoon and even though the leg was slightly better than the previous week I got told off for walking with such a limp and she had to adopt the “strict tone” to try and hammer it into me that this injury is going to take around 6 weeks to heal.

6 WEEKS OFF RUNNING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You might as well take off the shoelaces from my runners, for my own safety you see…

I think you all know how it feels not to be able to run. If I physically was able to, I would just pop a Neurofen and do it but it hurts too much to even try a few limping steps. So yesterday I did something I never thought I would do; I visited a gym nearby. My physio recommended I should do spinning classes to keep the cardio up. I have never in my life (ever!) done any class at a gym before. Ever. I am not one for group exercise in any shape or form so this is very scary and slightly repulsive to me. But I think it shows just how desperate I am that I am now planning to do a class on Saturday.

The gym itself is nice, though very expensive. The minimum contract they do is 3 months which I think is too long for me as I refuse to even consider the possibility that I will be going for longer than a few weeks. The sales guy there was not unlike a used-car salesman. Very slick and slightly skeevy. I heard him talking to another prospective client (a man) before me and being very strict about the 3 month contract and the price. When he spoke to me, and I explained my circumstances, he took me aside (away from his boss) and said there were ways to manipulate the system. First of all he immediately said the normal fee was very expensive so he dropped that by £16/month. And I am not going to go into the details but basically I paid for a month (but got one free on top, so two months) and won’t be tied into the whole 3 months. Very shady but I suppose I should just be grateful he was happy to work the system for me and I get to have my month at the gym recovering.

I have to admit, I am absolutely terrified. I haven’t been to a gym for about 6 years and can’t even remember how anything works. And though I am determined to do the spin class, I would rather do just about anything else.

Who knows, maybe I will love it and will finally have something to balance my running. I kind of hope not though, as the membership is so expensive I will bankrupt myself!


4 thoughts on “Spin, Spin, Spin me around

  1. Gosh, hang in there! I follow a young Australian mum who had really bad shin splints two months out from her first marathon. She wrote about how cycling maintains fitness and the body doesn’t really understand the difference between cycling and running… she went on to finish the marathon (can’t remember the time but very respectable) having not done all the running but an incredible amount of cycling. So glad the gym was flexible with the membership!


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