Murder in a spin class

I admit it, when I am out running (boo hoo, it feels like it has been forever since my last run!) and see groups of cyclists, I do think they have it easy. After all – they are sitting on their butts whilst I am having to haul my whole body weight.

Or, I did think this, until I did my first spinning class this weekend. I got to the gym early so ended up doing 30 mins on the elliptical and 30 mins on a recumbent bike (had to google the name of that thing, I just called it the “sitting down, cycling machine” before). So basically I had done an hour of cardio before I even showed up for the class… It was an RPM class, which is a varied workout of “hills”, intervals, time trials and trying not to throw up.

I know I have had to take a few weeks off running but I still thought I was pretty fit.. If I had been able to spare the energy, I would have laughed at myself after 10 minutes for having been so arrogant. This class kicked my (afterwards a very sore) butt! I swear, it was the longest 45 minutes and I did my best to try and keep the resistance high when asked to do so but I did have to cut a few corners. A friend said that maybe because I am so fit I was over-challenging myself but I think he just felt very sorry for me.

However, I do feel great for having been able to do some sort of cardio workout and was back to the gym on Sunday for an hour on the elliptical and the thingybob again. Just trying to get back to where I left off so that when I can run again I won’t hopefully struggle too badly.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I will be back on Tuesday for part 2 of “humbling the Hysterical Runner”…

3 thoughts on “Murder in a spin class

  1. My sister-in-law used to teach spin classes and convinced me that it would be a great first workout once I got cleared to exercise after having my daughter – BAD IDEA. Fortunately, it’s been a year or so since that horribly humiliating experience, and I’m back to smugly staring after those silly bikers carrying on conversations while they’re supposedly “exercising.”


    1. Wow, spinning was your way of getting back into exercise after your girl was born? Respect! It is incredibly hard! I sweat so much and my legs are always killing me afterwards. I equate spinning with intervals; horrible but good for you.


      1. No no, let me clarify. My sister-in-law convinced me to go to one class – and I never went to another one. Never went back, never plan to. I learned my lesson the hard way and never want to do anything other than run ever again. Are you kidding me? Spinning hurts! At least running sort of hurts in a good way, you know? And more importantly, nobody’s yelling at you! (Well, except maybe for yourself?)


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