Running out of patience

Still no running. Still. No. Running. Not even for the bus, of which we have thus missed a good few.

I am half thinking of trying it tomorrow, though I can still feel pain in the leg so it might not be the smartest idea but I am desperate. Desperate for fresh air and the pavement under my sorely missed runners.

I am at a point where I would gladly swap the noises of the gym to the insults of the passing drivers. Swap dodging dumbells and weight sets to dodging cars and yappy dogs.

All I want for Christmas is my leg back.


4 thoughts on “Running out of patience

  1. Wait it out, wait it out! I know it must be awful – I’m sure you’re going bonkers right now without those lovely running endorphins – but I’ve been there! Jumping back into running too soon will only aggravate the injury and lead to more time in that sweaty, moldy gym… This is coming from someone who literally had to take YEARS off to finally let all of my injuries calm down, but I definitely learned my lesson…


    1. YEARS!?!?!?!? What the hell???? Oh my god, I think that would just about do me. Years?? That is a sobering thought…. I have been hitting the (sweaty, mouldy) gym hard and the plan is that I WILL run on Christmas Day. It’s tradition so that is my goal. Fingers crossed!


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