Beet it!

Welcome to 2014! Yes, I realise we are already over a week into it but since today is the first day of the youngest being back in school I feel like I am only just getting to grips with it.

Let me first update you on the running. Or more the lack of it, I am afraid. As I was gleefully boasting before Christmas, we always do a run on Christmas Day after the kids have opened their presents. I was not going to let a “silly little leg injury” get in the way of this. I was sooo nervous I was shaking before the run. Anxious to get back into it but afraid it would hurt or that I would find I can’t run anymore. The husband and I got into our running gear, leaving the 14 year old in charge of the 5 year old. Not sure they even noticed we were gone, to be honest as they were busy racing each other on the Mario Cart game.

The plan was to do an hour on the track. And yes, this is where I completely fail at being sensible again. The physio told me to ease into running… But I am nothing if not stubborn, and since I was running with the old man I wasn’t going to give up. No effing way. Not even when 15 minutes into the run my leg started sending jolts up and down the thigh and cramping the calf. I decided I could just run it off. Well, it turned out that an hour (10km) wasn’t long enough to do that and by the time we got home I knew I had messed up. It was a bitter sweet feeling; I loved being out running again but I felt so sad knowing I knew I wasn’t “back”.

I did give the leg 8 days and tried another, shorter 5km, run but just had to admit I can’t run on it yet. I went to see the physio and got a royal ticking off for being so stupid as to start off with a long run. She was open to me seeing a consultant for an MRI or getting an x-ray to rule out stress fractures but as she feels pretty confident it is the muscle I am just going to wait and keep going to the stupid gym. Speaking of which, I was there at 6:30am yesterday and expected to be working out alone – ha! There was a long queue of people waiting for the gym to open and I have NEVER seen the place as busy as it was at 7am!!! Wait until Feb…. I bloody hope I won’t be there either though…


So I have had to find an obsession to fill in the place of running until I can get back into it. And it has been juicing that I have been going nuts over. My adorable, nuts son who turned 5 on Christmas Eve asked for a juicer for his birthday. I know it sounds odd but his auntie and uncle have a machine and he loves going over there and shoving apples through the chute. So I thought we would get him a proper one as I fancied the chance of getting into some healthy veggie juices as well.

In the end I got him (us?) the Hurom 700 Slow Juicer. Oh my god! It might not have rocked my son’s life when he got it but it certainly has mine! The Hurom is a masticating juicer so it crushes the ingredients rather than spins them and it is amazing how much juice things like kale and celery can yield! I am not good with my vegetables and have always struggled to eat enough – I just forget or find them a faff. And since the juicer, this has been happening daily:

My super juice
My super juice

I just throw everything in and create the most disgusting looking concoctions that (amazingly) taste pretty darn good. My usual mix contains: celery, carrot, apple, lime, ginger, spinach, kale, cucumber, beet (also the beet greens if I have them – I love beetroot but is very sweet!) and whatever else I might have lying around. There is an amazing fruit and vegetable shop near us and I have been there daily. I don’t even recognise half of the things I want to try by sight and have to rely heavily on the signs they have for the produce… Still need to try broccoli and some other greens. Any super foods or detox veg you can recommend?

So I am trying to be good, drink my juice and lots of water. I started a full on juice detox but abandoned it as soon as I got hungry…. My official excuse is that I don’t want to mess with my metabolism. Ehem…

So this is the latest. Still waiting to get back out there. Still jealous of all the runners and still hating the gym. But SOON I will be out there.

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