Run along and smell the memories

smell mickey

I am sat here, basking in the afterglow of a morning run in the fresh London air. When I say “fresh” I mean it was a bit chilly, I am sure running along a busy inner city road doesn’t exactly do wonders to the air quality. Amsterdam has left me a bit sniffly (that’s what you get for pretending to be a young ‘un in your mid-30s) and I was armed for the run with 3 sheets of my trusted Plenty kitchen towel – I swear that stuff is the best thing as far as running tissues go.

One of the things keeping my mind occupied as I was running was the whole smells thing. I am sure you are familiar with how you can smell everything more acutely as you run; cigarette smoke, the lingering smell of a woman’s perfume, sewers… Some smells annoy me; like cigarette smoke – I almost feel pain in my lungs as I pass a smoker. And then sometimes you smell a blooming flower or aftershave that instantly reminds you of something and brings back a memory. Keeps your mind busy and distracted when you get sudden flashbacks to years gone by.

The run itself wasn’t easy today. I only ran just over 10km as I am still trying to allow my leg to adjust to the impact. But I did it and I loved being outside rather than stuck in a gloomy gym. Silver lining and all that.

2 thoughts on “Run along and smell the memories

  1. Nothing wrong with pretending to be a young ‘un in your mid-30s is there? Or perhaps that’s just the plea of a man grimly determined to hang on to the last vestiges of his youth 🙂
    It’s not something I had given much thought to, but you’re right your senses do become heightened while you’re running. From my own personal perspective I’ve noticed that even my hearing seems to dramatically improve, although that might have something to do with the fact that I was once attacked by a dog while out running, so now I’m pretty much hyper sensitive about my surroundings whenever I go for a run.


    1. Haha, I think I am there with you – hanging onto what remains of my un-greyed hair and anything yet unaffected by gravity. Every now and again it’s great to just hang up your hang-ups and let your hair down. 🙂 Gah, there is nothing worse that dogs that seem to have a penchant for runners. It drives me crazy! It has happened to me a few times, luckily only yappy little dogs. I hope your attack wasn’t too serious and you managed to escape without any injury – it’s hard to outrun a dog! I tend to be so absorbed in whatever story I have going on in my head that I don’t really pay attention to the noises around me. At least not consciously – I am sure my senses are still scanning for cars etc. I have even given up on running with audiobooks or podcasts as I just forget to listen to it. Anyway – a naff and outdated “high five” from me to the “forever young”.


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