It’s been a year!!! WordPress kindly reminded me yesterday that my first post was on the 6th of February last year. Has it really ONLY been a year? Since I started blogging I have had my hysterectomy, recovered from it, run more kilometers than ever until I injured myself (a few times) and now I feel like I am a little bit where I started from. Though luckily I have no operations or other medical interventions coming up.

I realise I haven’t posted all week. It will sound like an excuse but between my son being poorly with fever and a cold and myself being totally run down with a runny nose, cough and head full of mucus I haven’t really felt up to it. I have been running and going to the gym though! I think my lungs are still lurgy free so that’s ok, right?

Last Saturday I did my time at the gym and Sunday was a rare occasion in that my husband and I went for a run together while the 14-year old was in charge of the 5 -year old (ie. they were battling it out on the Wii). I generally prefer to run alone; I don’t need the company and I like to be in charge of my own pace, distance and route. However I thought it would be nice for a change…. Hmmm.. I always end up regretting it. My husband is a good runner and a stubborn one. He will not give up and being a man he tends to have a faster pace than me even when he isn’t fit so that’s all fine. However, he is COMPLETELY oblivious to his surroundings. Utterly unaware of what is going on around him. It made me realise how I am constantly scanning what happens around me even though I always thought I was running with my head in the clouds. I can see if there is someone coming behind us or if someone is about to get in the way. I know when a car is going to turn in front of me or not stop for a crossing. Not my husband. I was glad to get him home alive. And the man actually had the nerve to complain about me shouting at him (yeah, to stop running in front of a car that was backing up and not looking!). Jaysus. But we managed 10km without him dying either through his own actions or by my hand.

I did my session at the gym on Tuesday. Not the most fun I have had as I forgot my headphones and was forced to just stare at the walls and listen to the “thump-thump”, courtesy of the crap soundtrack they play. It’s funny the mind games you start playing with the numbers on the monitor just to keep yourself occupied. Like I found the distance and time had an interesting correlation on the climber.. (Saddo!)

But on Thursday there was finally progress – hurrah!!!!! I did a run, which I expected to be about 10km but I managed go extend it to 15km without my leg completely seizing up!!! Yes, I was doped up on Neurofen and yes, I was in pain afterwards but I am getting somewhere. (And yes, I know I am being an idiot pushing it)

I will be raising my glass to one year of WordPress tonight. Let’s hope there will be many more years of Hysterical Runner and (hysterical) running to come.

7 thoughts on “Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary dear Hysterical Runner. I’ll toast you tonight too, I love your blog and how real you keep it all. And I better raise a second glass to your 15kms! Very well done, so pleased to know that things are getting better for you.


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