Recovering from an injury is like watching a kettle waiting for it to boil

I am finding it very hard to recover from this latest leg injury. Despite the countless physio appointments and the tips from the running coach it feels like every run sets me back a bit. The right knee is being incredibly loud and somewhat tender. Squats and lunges are backed by a soundtrack of crunching and popping coming from it. It gives me the heebie jeebies and I am sure the pain feels worse just because the crepitus (aren’t I being medical!) makes me think it should.

However I am trying to do about 2 runs a week (I need the “recovery” i.e. no impact at the gym in between) and make them 15km. I am desperate to break through this and get back to my usual mileage and see the lovely number 23km on my RunMeter again.

The 180 bpm running has proven very, very difficult. Every now and again I think I get into the flow if it but I find it really taxing. I think my legs move stiffer as they are trying to move faster and I am nowhere near a point where this cadence is efficient for me. I will keep at it though (as soon as I stop allowing myself excuses like “you are still recovering from the injury and struggling enough with that, just run like you do”).

I will get there, it’s just taking longer than I ever expected to…


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