Short term victory!

Happy Monday!!

No, I am not high or otherwise drugged. Oh, mind you, my coffee was quite strong this morning but that’s not it. I have had a pretty good weekend.

Normally I hit the gym on Saturday morning but as I had other plans (of which more in a minute) I went to the gym on Friday evening. This is highly unusual for me – I always exercise in the morning. It just feels better to me and I like having the whole day to benefit from the afterglow. (Not so) surprisingly the gym was quite empty at 8pm on a Friday evening.. Funny that. The pubs nearby were full though…

So where was I on Saturday then? Well, for my birthday my sister-in-law got me a gift card to a very posh spa, Ushvani, in town. This place is so unbelievable it is almost ridiculous. As soon as you enter the dark and intimate Malaysian style interior you can feel your shoulders relax. My voucher was for a 90 minute (!!) facial and before the treatment you have 45 minutes to hang out in the small pool and steam room that you basically get to yourself (the way the appointments are timed makes this work). All I can say is that I was so relaxed afterwards I could barely walk.

And when I finally emerged back into Central London I saw this:

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (16)

Sun shining over Harrods
Sun shining over Harrods

Apologies for the multiple pictures but there was something about the way the sun was shining from behind that cloud that made me feel even more surreal. I was half expecting a choir singing “Hallelujah”!

As hard as it is to believe the spa wasn’t even the highlight of my weekend….

Sunday I woke up late (by late I mean it was going on 9am) and the last thing I felt like doing was going for a run. But I dragged my ass out of bed and did my exercises and got ready. You know how sometimes you start running and it just feels tough. Really tough. After 5 mins I thought it just wasn’t going to be my day.

But I kept at it (this is where sisu comes in) and before I knew it I was at 4km after which I always feel a bit more into it. My plan for the weekend had been that I wanted to do a bit more than the 15km I had been running lately. So where I usually turn towards the park I kept on going and made my route a bit longer. And I felt pretty damn good. So where I had originally thought I would turn back (making the run 16km) I kept on making the route longer. In the end the run ended up being just over 20km. I felt like I could have kept on going but this was my compromise as I didn’t want to jeopardise the recovery of the leg.

I can’t tell you how elated I was and still am. To know that I can still run a respectable distance (even if it means I limp for a day afterwards) gives me hope. And I knew for sure it was my lucky day when I realised that I had forgotten to “Vaseline-up” before the run (I have to have it under the strap of my running bra and in other…ermm… personal places to avoid chafing) but somehow managed to avoid having my skin rubbed raw.

It’s good to have the wind on your back every now and again rather than constantly blowing in your face.

3 thoughts on “Short term victory!

  1. ok … so you basically ran a HALF marathon! So the leg is feeling better then 🙂

    The spa thingy also sounded nice … I know my wife likes them … but MAN … that cloud thing with the streaking rays of WOWness … that was pretty spectacular in the photos … I can only imagine what it looked like in person.

    And … Happy Belated Birthday !!!!


    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      Well, I suppose the distance is an indication I am getting somewhere with the recovery but before it “went” my weekly long run was around 23km (once 30km) so I know I can do the distance and am used to doing it regularly. I just want to make sure I can keep it up rather than cripple myself again.

      Oh, yes – the spa was un-be-lieeee-vable! How can any (wo)man NOT like them. 🙂

      I always hate looking like a tourist in this city that already has more than a lot of those so try not to whip out the camera (or my phone in this case) in places like Knightsbridge but I just couldn’t help myself. The sight of that cloud literally stopped me in my tracks – it was breathtaking. Oh – and no filters used in the making of the photo – what you see is what it really looked like. 🙂


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