GP = Guessing in Process

I hate going to see the doctor. It seems like such a faff to make the appointment and then rush to get there on time, only to be kept waiting forever. And all to see a someone who is rushed off their feet and already looking at working through their lunch due to the backlog of sick people. ย And since you look fine to them, they won’t take you seriously – not after that lady who just hacked up a lung on their desk.

Ok, well maybe it’s not always that bad but there is one doctor at our surgery who I just don’t get along with at all. I always feel like a hypochondriac when I go in anyway and his belittling of my concerns doesn’t help.

As you know, my right leg has been pretty bad since about November. The physiotherapist treated it as tibialis syndrome and things have improved a lot but every run does push me back a bit. In addition to this my Mortons Neuroma (undiagnosed but it’s pretty clear that’s what it is) has come back to haunt me. However, I could put up with all that, pain is pain and as such manageable. But what has been worrying me slightly more is the fact that since I started my longer runs again after the forced hiatus over December, January, I have had some swelling in my right calf. It only happens when I am in the office (I don’t think it’s a work related allergy…), so sitting at my desk. I work part-time on three days a week but it’s really the only time when I sit in one place longer than half an hour. ย  It’s not that I am so active, it’s just that if I am not getting stuff done I am usually found napping on my bed..

Within a few hours the calf is about 1,5 times the size of the left one. It feels “funny” and numb and just really.. thick. I don’t really notice any swelling at other times though sometimes when I am running I can “feel” that it’s different to the left calf.

So finally, after ignoring it for weeks and being nagged at by friends, it was finally the recommendation by the physiotherapist that I should go see a GP that pushed me to do it. Amazingly I managed to make a same-day appointment, unfortunately with the one doctor that I can’t stand. However, I hoped he would take me seriously – after all, leg swelling is a “real” symptom.

So he listened to my symptoms, looked at the leg, measured it and promptly told me that it is not a clot. Ok, I didn’t think it was one. He then said that it’s probably due to some sort of veinous insufficiency and I should just try to keep my legs elevated and get myself some compression stockings. That was that. When I mentioned the fact that my right leg also has the injury and some nerve pulling at the lower back, he just said that things often just happen on the same side. No doppler scan, no fitting for compression stockings. Nothing. I left the surgery feeling defeated. To me this doesn’t seem normal. It is not something that I am happy to just file away in a box of “nothing to worry about”.

So, I suppose I will have to go back to the surgery to see another doctor and have my time wasted again. Funnily enough, it takes weeks to get an appointment to one of the more trusted doctors… Enough said.

10 thoughts on “GP = Guessing in Process

      1. Don’t be lazy about your health, but I do understand, I was agreeing with your description of going to the Doctor as I read it – very much like that in Australia too. Have you thought about an osteo? I swear by the osteo I sometimes go to, very helpful. She is not afraid to refer on to other specialists when necessary ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I know a good chiropractor but she is a bit too holistic for me. The physiotherapist I see is very much on the ball so I might see what she recommends. Annoyingly we are just moving from one private health insurance to the other so this falls in the “no cover” zone.


  1. I agree … time to see another doctor. I am guessing there just might be a correlation to the “good doctor – weeks to get an appointment” and the “crappy doctor – I can see you now and dismiss you just as fast”

    And I have no idea what might be going on with your right calf .. but … I did a quick google search (as I am sure you have as well….google can be evil wrong for people who self diagnose too aieee) … but I did find this article.

    While it would be good to get an answer to what might be happening, I also hope that it truely is nothing serious.


    1. Yeah, I need to get myself organised and get an appointment with the doctor I actually trust. Even if she tells me the same thing, I will be more likely to take her seriously. Thanks for googling that for me – I am quite touched by that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have exhausted pretty much all resources google has to offer on this but it does really just come down to more tests, ideally a Doppler on the leg. Thanks again!!


  2. At least you have public health care? (Instead of paying a small fortune every month for the privilege of paying even more every time you want to see your very good specialist?)

    Trying to find the upside for you here…


    1. I know, we are very lucky here and I shouldn’t complain. I suppose you just start taking things like free healthcare for granted.

      NHS (National Health Service) is definitely an upside. ๐Ÿ™‚


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